Tales of Lusionia

S2: Episode 1 - Ante Up

Anything worth doing requires taking a chance...


Outside of the City of Thokk – Western Tetradias

Drakeforce/Month V, 933 HKV

After travelling through the war-decimated lands of midland Tetradias, dealing with the occasional wolves or other predators, the party eventually made their way nearer and nearer to the city of Thokk. A few days out, Vorlos recognized the tracks of another group, a small group that had been travelling a nearly identical path as the Whiteflame Guild.

They followed these tracks to the door of a cabin. They discovered discarded leather pieces, stitching and patches, all of which seemed awfully out of place. After hesitating and some cursory investigation, they party was greeted by the somewhat affable welcome of the cabin’s resident, who introduced himself as Lam.

Lam invited them inside, and when they inquired about the things they’d found outside, he offered them a chance to win their information through a game of Three-Dragon Ante.

Upon winning the game, Lam explained that a group of paladins, let by a female half-elf, had recently made their way through the area, using some of his tools to repair their equipment. He noted, however, that the group didn’t necessarily act like paladins should, and that he half-suspected that they were not who they were attempting to portray themselves to be.

Vorlos pressed him for more information, but the man explained he had no more to give.

The party left soon after, with the last of the sunset on the horizon, but the city of Thokk within an eye’s distance, about two hours journey. They discussed how they believed Lam himself might be something of a changeling hermit, but were unable to discern it for certain.

As they approached the town, they noted that it looked to be slowly recovering from the recent invasion of the Vghotan, with buildings in various states of repair, including, it seemed, the Temple of Thokk itself, directly in the center of town.

The busiest section, however, was near the southern edges of downtown, where a raucous tavern party was underway at The Salutate Inn. They entered.

Dancing and celebration was in the air as the party approached the barkeep, Melvin, for information about the half elf and the paladins, but their attention was drawn to an arm-wrestling contest at a corner table, with numerous people about. The impromptu herald, a man named Spin, goads the crowd into making the attempt against a burly man named Biter, just as he had handily trounced his last challenger.

Vorlos took the charge, and the two locked hands over the table. It was a massive show of strength as the barbarian put all of his might into the contest, but Biter proved stronger, pressing Vorlos’ hand into the table and claiming his winnings.

Later at the bar, however, Biter approached the barbarian, and insisted that the barbarian and his friends should meet him tomorrow in the market about the half-elf that he was asking about, as he and Spin left the raucous tavern.

Tired from their journey, and with food in their bellies, the party finally retired to purchased rooms for the night, and drifted off to sleep.


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