Tales of Lusionia

S2: Episode 2 - So Close, Yet So Far

Things are never as easy as they seem...


City of Thokk – Western Tetradias

Drakeforce/Month V, 933 HKV

In the night, Bathsheba received a dream from one whom she could only assume was Wondial herself. The others, however, seemed not to notice, themselves asleep.

After waking, the party made their way to the market, and found the muscle-bound Biter and the ever-affable Spin smiling upon their approach. Just after they’d greeted one another, three others began to approach, and Vorlos quickly spun around, drawing his sword. A cry of surprise went up as the other backed away, the display clearly unexpected.

Calming words were said, and the barbarian sheathed his blade, though there were numerous worried glances from around the market.

The three newcomers introduced themselves – Roxley, the brusk dwarven woman, Shade, a hooded human with dark features and marks on his face, and finally, Falenas, the female half-elf and leader of the group. Bathsheba noticed that the shrouded tattoos on Shade’s face were those of a Nahkrim Ghost, but said nothing to her companions about this.

Vorlos was hopeful that this may be his sister, and inquired of her history, but was disappointed when there was no birthmark upon her arm as he had, and that she claimed to have no idea what he was talking about.

Falenas explained that they were Paladins of Kotavasus on a pilgrimmage, but forewarned by Lam, the party was rather unbelieving. Still, they parted on amiable terms, The Whiteflame Guild making their way northward through the market.

The party took some time looking at the outside of the temple as they continued north, and noticed a prominant symbol of the god Vindur, seemingly floating in the air before the stone. Impressed, but unsure of the meaning, the party continued their investigation of the city, finally arriving at a small tavern, the Ivory Torch.

They entered, and providing a symbol of the guild, the barkeep, Ruland, invited them inside, into the safehouse located beneath the barren bar room. There the party resupplied, and found weapons, bunks, and other necessities as they explained their mission to the barkeep. He explained that this was a very common “first mission” of members of the guild but that none had yet succeeded.

Incredulously, one of the group asked, “You mean we’re not the first to be sent here?”

“The first?” chuckled Ruland. “You’re not the tenth!”

Later that night, the party made their way back to the temple, unlit in the center of the now barren market. There in the darkness, the party snuck their way up, and discovered the party of “paladins” were attempting to break their way into the door. Annoyed at being in the way, the party decided to back away and check back in the morning, though Bathsheba decided to stay behind.

Without warning, the hooded man from earlier, Shade, seemed to materialize near her, and the two squared off suddenly. He explained that he had noticed her subtle recognition of his tattoos, and suspected that she was one of the Daughters of Nahkrim.

He admitted that he had once been one of the Nahkrim Ghosts, but had left that life behind, looking to make penance now for his deadly mistakes. He explained that he would not explain the necromancer’s visit to the temple this night if Bathsheba would, in turn, do him the same courtesy. She agreed, and the two parted ways..

In the morning, the party made their way to the temple again, and noticed a circular indentation in the inner door. On a whim, Bathsheba slipped the Wondial Amulet into the indentation, which fit beautifully. With an audible click, the door slid upwards, allowing entrance into the temple itself, taking the amulet with it.

Resigned, the party entered.

The first floor of the temple proved to be a trap-laden maze of locked doors, monsters and passageways, almost as if the temple had been randomly filled with creatures and sealed to prevent entry. Still, the party was able to navigate through, despite some injuries, and finally discovered a single staircase leading deeper into the temple itself.


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