Tales of Lusionia

S2: Episode 10 - Getting Mangled

Unnatural forms are borne of unnatural means...



Forsake/Month VII, 933 HKV

Standing at the doors of the Old Hallows Crypt, the party noticed numerous graves nearby that had been seemingly opened from the inside. Steeling their nerves, they used the key to unlock the thick chains across the crypt doors, pulled them to the side, and opened the large, stone doors.

By torchlight, the party discovered the dusty tombs of The Blood Guard, each emblazoned with the symbol of a cross with two horizontal bars, twenty-four tombs in all. On the far wall was was painted a well-preserved mural, depicting a great battle between The Blood Guard and some kind of large, menacing demon.

Stepping forward to inspect further, the doors suddenly sealed themselves, shrouding the tomb in darkness as an undead creature leaped from the ceiling. It was a twisting mass of stitched-together human limbs and bodies, with multiple arms and legs, and set upon the party with roiling fury.

With surprising fortitude, the party proved triumphant in dispatching the creature, and found two unique swords within identical tombs in the crypt’s back corners, each emblazoned with a name – Sir Owen of Caliphas and Lady Vastra of Eurn. The two swords looked identical.

Inside the secret compartment of a stone table at the center of the room, Baergub discovered and promptly sipped from a bottle of liquid, which resulted in a belch of fire. He kept the bottle, filled with Dragonswill.

Continuing their investigation of the room, the party found a small stone indentation at the base of the mural, which looked glaringly familiar to the symbol that the mayor was wearing.

Taking their spoils and leaving the crypt, the party met the sheriff, and explained what they had found. The group made their way to the mayor, and upon confronting him, learned that he had been feeding townsfolk to “the creature below” so as to satisfy it. But until the adventurers had arrived a month ago, everything had been going fine.

The sheriff was all business, and tore the emblem from the mayor’s neck. She arrested the mayor, and told the adventurers they should go in and handle this, while she maintained the town. Vorlos in particular expressed appreciation for the sheriff’s decisive actions.

The party returned to Bart, and showed him the swords, which he explained were The Corona Blades, blades forged in the power of Eiosol for the purpose of defeating Samhain, a powerful underworld demon. He cautioned that their use would be necessary to destroy creature below, but he would need them returned afterwards, in order to seal the crypt for good, according to his research.

The party begrudgingly agreed to return the weapons after completing their assignment. But spent time in Bart’s tower, familiarizing themselves with the new weapons, and preparing themselves for the further dangers deep within the depths of The Blood Guard crypt.


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