Tales of Lusionia

S2: Episode 3 - Winds and Wails

Danger howls. Darkness smiles.


Temple of Thokk – Western Tetradias

Drakeforce/Month V, 933 HKV

Decending the stairs, the party discovered what looked to be a small study, lined with books on all walls with a small desk in the center. The room was occupied by an attentive man named Parish Aimes, who introduced himself.

He explained that he had been studying in this little library for nearly three-hundred years, the result of a plea to The Old One to “learn the mysteries of the universe.” As a result, he had been granted immortality here in this room, with every book in existence at his fingertips, and an eternity to pore over them.

Subtly, Andre picked up one of his books, but it was in a language he did not understand. At the base of one of the pages, however, was drawn a numeric pattern which he didn’t recognize, but copied for later.

Bidding Parish farewell, the party continued forward, taking stairs deeper into the temple, and found a room filled with spike-covered pillars.

Within the various chests in the room were large sums of gold, silver, and gems, which they eagerly stowed away. In one of the first rooms, the party found a room filled with familiar-looking blue cubes, though it seemed as if the small items weren’t active. Bathsheba took several of the cubes for later study.

Guin came across what looked to be a small closet of clothing, yet each seemed a little strange, almost as if these articles were unique in some way.

She quickly shoved all of them into her pack.

Contining to explore the various rooms, Andre accidentally stepped on a plate at the south of the room, which caused the center pillar to open up, as a galeward within it began to blow wind in all directions at hurricane speeds. While Andre was blown into a room filled with mimics, Guin was tossed into a room filled with ghouls, as each member of the party was tossed into a wall as if gravity itself had shifted.

Vorlos, Bathsheba, and Baergub were able to make their way to the entrance stairwell as Guin and Andre tried to fight off their enemies. Desperate to close the Galeward, Vorlos noticed a small switch at the base of the stairwall, and pulled out his bow. Taking careful aim, he fired at a wide arc, and with impressive skill, arced the arrow in the wind and hit the switch on the first shot.

The Galeward closed, and the party rushed out to help their companions. For much of the battle, Andre was chased about by a single mimic, as the others cut down the ghouls. Their steps more careful, they investigated the rest of the hall, with Andre finding a small silver ring.

Guin, however, found herself caught in a crazy flaying pit, and felt that she may almost be killed, before finally being released. Satisfied in their search, the party made their way down the stairs, and found a large room with numerous wooden bridges across a large chasm, and a mountain of gold and treasure with a strange device on a platform in the middle of it.

The party crossed the bridges, and Guin got herself stuck on the sand, able to pull herself free, but losing her boots in the process as they tore from her feet, stuck to the magical sand.

Stymied, they noticed the large statue at the center of the room, of a cloaked man. It had a unique inscripted poem at its base and a small metal dagger at the end of a long chain gripped in the statue’s hand. Pondering over the puzzle for some time, the party eventually made a decision, and took the dagger, inserting it into one of the twelve indentations.

A bridge extended to the device.

The device seemed to be a a large orb with a female inside, seemingly absorbing magical energy from pipes behind it. Guin moved around the device, and noticed an old man below the pipes who weakly insisted that Guin did not “belong here.”

Puzzled, Guin turned to speak to the others, but noticed that the group of “paladins” had just arrived at the base of the stairs, and the two groups were now on either side of the bridged canyon.


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