Tales of Lusionia

S2: Episode 4 - Treachery

Allies shift like the swirling winds...


Temple of Thokk – Western Tetradias

Drakeforce/Month V, 933 HKV

With chasm, bridges, and distance between them, the members of the Whiteflame Guild faced off against the Faux-Paladins of Kotavasus, as the paladins threatened the party in order to convince them to leave The Artifact. The previously affable Spin pulled a glowing blue cube from his robe, and began to approach.

Bathsheba, seeing an opportunity, reached up and gripped the silver Artifact, which immediately caused the creation of a swirling vortex of red energy behind the party, and slowly began to build a small storm within the chamber. With barely a glance, Bathsheba took the Artifact, and leaped into the portal, followed immediately by Shade as he jumped in after her.

Falenas approached slowly as the groups continue talking, in an attempt at peaceable resolution, but Biter and Roxley step back as Spin rushes to the chain statue puzzle and moves the dagger from one slot to another, triggering a rumble through the cavern. The three ran for the bridges.

Baergub, in response, created a ball of fire that scorches Biter, but Roxley and Spin make it across the bridge to the stairwell as four Helmed Horrors appear from the shadows to engage the trespassing party, who leaps to engage them with the help of the dextrous fighter, Falenus.

The storm above began to crackle with energy as Baergub utilized it, sending a bolt of lightning directly at Biter, who barely grabbed onto the disintegrating bridge, able to pull himself away and follow his companions.

During the battle, Falenus was knocked unconscious, and as she fell, her image faded away, revealing a slightly different face, more familiar to Vorlos, and a birthmark on her arm which seemed to match Vorlos’ own. With the whipping winds growing stronger, and the bridges swaying to and fro violently, the party leaped into the unknown by entering the portal behind them, the faux-paladin leader in tow.

The party found themselves in a land of desolate red sands and mists, with no discernible landmarks in sight. The half-elf explained that her name was Keyleth, the daughter of Shyael Woodenhawk, only recently reunited with her mother, having been orphaned at birth, and for most of her life.

She detailed that she and her former companions were members of the Arjunian Ravens, a well-known mercenary band in far eastern Lusionia, and we tasked with the retrieval of The Artifact for an unknown benefactor who was willing to pay an exorbitant sum for the trinket. She utilized stealth and the ruse of a group of paladins as a way to not attract attention on the way to the Temple, the group believing that paladins on pilgrimage from the south would pass unnoticed.

However, their plans were hindered by the goblin army’s arrival, which slowed their progress significantly as they navigated to southern Tetradias’ wilderness.

Satisfied in her history, Vorlos presented Keyleth with the Sabertooth blade, but Keyleth explained she has no interest in it, knowing exactly who The Direfist was, and what the blade represents. Vorlos was quite displeased, though Keyleth took the weapon anyway.

Finding tracks that they believe to be Bathsheba’s the party made their way through a settlement which looked to have once been a city, the buildings seemingly carved out of the red earth itself. They investigated through several, but only found debris and refuse, as if the town had been abandoned rather suddenly.

With no other information, and the light beginning to fade, the party followed the tracks to a cave, where a cold firepit sat waiting. Inside, they set up camp, lit the fire, and weathered the night.


Korbanjaro Korbanjaro

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