Tales of Lusionia

S2: Episode 8 - Back from the Future

The future hasn't been written yet...



Forsake/Month VII, 933 HKV

Through the swirling of time, the party finally stepped through the portal and onto the solid ground of a familiar location – The now-quiet cavern beneath the Temple of Thokk.

In a quick investigation, the party realized that the aged man whom Guin had spoken with inside the device, and the young woman inside the sphere were both gone, the device laying dormant. Making their way across one of the cavern bridges, they noted that the center bridge was still scorched and broken, but seemed to have been left for some time.

In the upper floor, they noted that Parish Aimes was also gone. Somewhat confused, they made their way back to the surface, and to the Ivory Torch, surprising Ruland with their return. He’s shocked to discover that the party has been successful in retrieving the Artifact, and marvels that they are even here, months after they had left him before.

Worn and tired, the party rested until morning, then leaving for the coastal city of Templeport at dawn.

Templeport looked to have once been a rather prosperous town, but fell into disrepair with more traders preferring to sail to Portertown or Lansing, and then further devastated by the invading goblin forces. Still, a hardy few residents stubbornly stayed, and so the party looked into finding a ship to gain passage back to Borjalai.

The party spoke with the owner of the Hope and Anchor inn, Westley, who explained that the next ship to come in would arrive in just over a week.

Disgruntled, but realizing that a trip by land would take easily a month, the party settled in for a wait, spending their time repairing their weaponry, practicing skills, and even helping to repair the town in return for food and board.

A week later, a ship arrived in the town, a caravel called Wishful Thinking. The Captain, Preston Marbury, bartered with them for passage for a little more than normal, but the party paid anyway and climbed aboard. The few days of sailing went relatively smoothly, aside from a minor incident with Baergub scaring the crew by sleepily stepping out onto the deck in the guise of a tiger.

Arriving in the massive city of Portertown, the party said farewell to the crew of the Thinking, and separated to get supplies.

Bathsheba attempted to procure armor from a smith named Rellon, the best armorer in the area, but was turned off by the man’s unlikable attitude, and instead makes her way back to an inn.

Vorlos set off to find some female companionship, and succeeded, spending the night away from the party with a woman named Rexia.

In the night, a small boy attemped to rob from the Baergub, but was chased away before retrieving anything.

The next day, the party meets with Morden Bottle, a halfling cousin of Karoma and Tira who was headed for Borjalai, but was much less hospitable than his relatives. He almost begrudgingly allows the party to come along with him as guards on the way back to the Whiteflame Guild headquarters.

Outside of the city, while passing a forested area, the party was accosted by a squad of bandits, veteran elves who seem to have no compassion for doing what they are doing. They are fought off quickly, and Baergub turns the last into a frog, saving him for interrogation.

The man states simply that “this is our land,” but seems to have no remorse for his actions. Deciding that it would be better not to leave survivors, Vorlos executed the man with a sword through the heart. They buried the man, and along with their charge, made their way into the city of Borjalai.


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