Tales of Lusionia

S2: Episode 9 - The Blood Guard Sleeps

No good deed goes unpunished...



Forsake/Month VII, 933 HKV

Borjalai – the city headquarters of The Whiteflame Adventurers Guild, with a large building in the center of town, and a exaggerated torch with an everburning white flame upon it. The city bustled with activity as the party entered inside, some obviously much more familiar with the place than others. They entered into the headquarters.

In the front of the room, the party met with Rook, the man whom had originally hired several of them. The stocky man was barking at a group of new hires, in a strange echo of what they party members had originally gone through themselves. Taking note of them, he told them to go and speak with Nikodemus in the back.

The tall, thin Nikodemus, cloaked in a simple black robe, graciously accepted the Artifact, but more interesting was how different Bathsheba seemed to act around the man. Unlike the comparative disdain that she seemed to hold for most everyone she met, she actually seemed to like Nikodemus, and the others took note.

Ensuring that the adventurers would be paid for their effort, Nikodemus asked if the party would be willing to look into something for him.

He explained that a group of adventurers had been sent to Old Hallows Town just over a month ago, to look into some rumors of undead rising in the area. The task should have taken only a few days, but the group had never returned, causing some alarm.

The party agreed to look into the disappearance, and went off to resupply for the journey and to rest for the night. Guin spoke to the Whiteflame Runners, specifically a young man named Tanner, convincing him to run to Tirime’s Sundries in Teloth to see about the investment she had made months ago.

Tanner explained that it would take some time, but he would make a run to Teloth, and have news of Guin’s business upon their return.

Preparing for their journey south, the party deposited funds into the Whiteflame Guild bank, so as to not put them at risk on their newest assignment, and set off the next morning with a caravan for a week’s journey to Eastpointe. The trip was rather uneventful, but long, and after resupplying in Eastpointe, they entered into the swampy lands of Old Hollows.

On the muddy road into the city, the party was set upon by undead, freshly risen corpses who began to attack them on the road towards the town, and bit Bathsheba’s horse. Despite the danger, she continued to utilize the animal, and they continued into the town.

Upon Old Hollows Town, they found they weren’t exactly welcomed by the townsfolk, who seemed resistant upon finding more “adventurers” amongst them. The sheriff, a half-elf named Osiri, was particularly pointed in her disdain for them, and ordered them to either speak with the mayor to obtain permission to stay, or to leave.

The party made their way to the mayor’s home, being guarded over by the goliath, Bask, who rang a bell and summoned a servant to take the party to the mayor.

Mayor Ethan Burke seemed quite unhelpful, but eventually offered them a key and a deal – if the party wished to enter the crypt to deal with the undead, they could, but the town would seal the doors behind them. And, there was only the one key.

Declining at first, the party did obtain permission to stay in the town, and made their way to the Bygghon temple, where they were met by an elven druid, Aska. She directed them to the stacks in the back of the building, where they found Bartholomew, or “Old Bart,” studying through numerous books. He was pleased to find that Nikodemus had sent someone.

Bart was an old scholar, without any real magical skill, but posessing vast knowledge of magical information.

He explained what he understood of the undead situation, as well as that the previous party, led by a fighter named Griff, had not been seen since they entered the crypt nearly a month ago, but that people were continually disappearing from the town, the townsfolk were getting scared, and something needed to be done.

Bart offered them the same deal as he had to the other adventurers, 1000 GP for successfully stopping the undead.

Accepting the assignment, the party made their way back to the mayor, and took his deal, taking the key. They they promptly made their way to the smithing quarter, finding two smiths, Torm and Ronk, bickering back and forth with one another. Guin wanted to copy the key, and offered pay to make the attempt. The two smiths argued over who was more qualified, before finally, Ronk took the job, saying it would take at least a day.

Stymied, but curious, the party made their way to the crypt entrance in the graveyard, and prepared to enter.


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