I Kill for Honor... and for the Money


Descendent of generations of Bounty Hunters, Dain followed the tradition and was trained by his father. Being part of “The Blood Brothers” guild (designated by their logo of a bloody hand’s palm print), Dain was trained by his mother, father, and “brothers”. However, the guild lived by strict code:

1- Swear Loyalty to Whoever Hires You. NEVER Betray an Employer, unless They Betray YOU.

2- We are NOT Ruthless Thugs, We NEVER Spill Innocent Blood. Only Accept Contracts of Those that Have Justly Earned It.

3- We Have NO Allegiance to ANY Political Side, or Army. We Are NOT Mercenaries, and Cannot Be Bought as Soldiers.

4- Honor your Brothers, Never Leave a Contract Unfulfilled. By Accepting a Contract, a Life is Required, Even if it is YOURS.

and, 5- By Dishonoring the Brotherhood, by Breaking the Pact, You Will Be EXILED from the Guild, Cut Off from All Resources, and, if Necessary, Hunted by Your Former Brothers.

Years passed, and Dain became very successful, but also became quite arrogant and greedy. This led to him break the rules in hopes of becoming more Infamous and Wealthy. Yet, always hoping he would never be caught. Throughout this, he crossed employers, killed whoever he was paid to kill, even if they were innocent, and made a lot of enemies.

His Father, growing suspicious of a change in his son, took up a contract and together they ventured out to kill an infamous Crime Lord.

Making their way down the lower streets, Dain became aware that something about this contract wasn’t feeling right. As they traveled deeper they realized that they were facing no opposition. And they soon discovered why.

Upon entrance into the a tavern that “The Hook” would often visit, they found him. Dead, with a knife embedded in his chest with a note wrapped around the handle.

With his father reading it aloud, Dain’s heart dropped:

“Dain, you have deceived and betrayed your “brothers” and now you must pay. I will not kill you, but I will make you suffer. You will know what it means to cross me. First, your “brothers” will drown in their blood."

Angry, and concerned, the two rush back to their guild’s hideout, to see it set ablaze. And within the flames, they see their brothers rushing to survive, yet fight the men that attacked them. Running inside to help, Dain and his father attack any and all assailants that they came
across and attempted to save their brothers.

In the midst of the chaos and flames, Dain sees his mother trapped in a room and attempts to rush to her aid but is blocked off by other attackers. As he tries to fight his way to his mother, his father rushes past the group to his mother and the ceiling caves in and he no longer can see them. In despair and anger, Dain jumps out a nearby window into the canal that the guild was over.

After swimming out and making his way back to his home, he sees the flames bring the walls down and all that is left is the foundation, and those of his surviving brothers. Dain, out of shame and guilt, hides and watches as he brothers mourn their losses.

Realizing that he was now considered dead, he took advantage of the opportunity and fled. He carried on as an independent Bounty Hunter, making money and creating a name for himself.

In the Underworld, he is known as “Agar Cam” (the Bloody Hand). He earned this after he killed a target with his bare hands, and after being covered with blood, left an imprint on the man’s corpse. He now uses it as a signature, whenever he kills a target, by imprinting their body with their blood.

However, he regained a sense of honor in memory of his parents and brothers, by refusing to kill innocents. Also, he is constantly on the search for the man that ruined his life and he will do whatever it takes to have his revenge.

He joins the WhiteFlame Guild, after learning about them throughout his travels, and decides that it would provide him with opportunity to travel farther and hopefully find his mysterious target.


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