Tales of Lusionia

S1: Episode 5 - Festival of the Sand
Honor and Glory to the strongest...


City of Lansing

Sandsar/Month IV, 933 HKV

After a night’s rest at the Arrow’s Flight inn, the party awoke to a busy main room, with breakfast being served in a bustling inn. Out the windows, they noticed that the town was much busier than it had seemed last night, with numerous well-armed and dangerous-looking adventurers seemingly filling the streets.

(All of the party, that is, except for Baergub, who seemed to still be sleeping off some rather unusual spirits that he’d acquired from the Bottles before they parted ways the night before.)

While eating, a young rogue introduced himself as Andre, and explained that the Guild was looking at the competitors for the the Festival of the Sand Gauntlet, a grand competition of strength and skill held annually in Lansing to commemorate the day that the sands of Kopul-Vul began to swirl centuries ago.

The party, especialy Vorlos, were eager to investigate, and the barbarian sought a hearty opportunity to test his strength, entering in two competitions, The Brawn, and The Blade, for which he was provided an orrawood duplicate of his preferred sword.

Bathsheba, for her part, wanted nothing to do with the competition, much more concerned about remaining anonymous, with the belief that such notoriety would only make it easier for her enemies to find her. Instead, she blended into the crowd, watching the goings-on from a distance.

Guin searched out one of the more reputable betting houses in the area before the competition began, investing seven gold on Vorlos’ chances, even at 300-1 odds, but being sure to make several side bets on a number of other competitors.

Vorlos began both of his events in brilliant form, able to battle with surprising strength and finesse even against some of the best-trained adventurers and soldiers of Lusionia. Grah the Orc and his mighty greataxe were no match to the barbarian in the first fight, and the burly warrior fell to Vorlos’ swordplay.

Later, he bested one of Guin’s alternate bets, the formidible Talmond Ward with his sword and shield, a man none-too-pleased with losing to the upstart barbarian.

After this victory, Vorlos was approached by a large man, carrying a heavy mace, who introduced himself as Dakka, and congratulated the barbarian on his skillful win. The large man wished Vorlos good luck, and hoped to see him later in the competition.

Vorlos next made his way to his next opponent in The Brawn, who happened to be Woon Shak-Ti, the blind monk. Despite the barbarian’s strength, the monk’s unarmed skill proved far too much, and with a final nerve strike, Vorlos was removed from the competition, left with only The Blade as a chance at winnings.

Guin made sure to keep her jokes about Vorlos’ skills to herself.

The barbarian’s next battle was against a man named Rayleesh, an unbelievably charismatic swashbuckler who definitely had the crowd on his side, and who was revealed to have been last-year’s overwhelming champion.

Vorlos was not intimidated, despite Rayleesh’s best efforts to unnerve him, especially when he noticed some of the observations that Andre provided for him on Rayleesh’s technique.

Bathsheba, watching from the sidelines, recognized the name, Rayleesh, and realized that this was the name that was engraved upon the hilt of the silvered scimitar she’d found in Teloth, on the body of one of the Cultists of the Dragon. She became immediately suspicious.

For his part, Rayleesh was certainly fanciful, but Vorlos’ no-nonsense style was far too effective, eventually launching the swordsman through one of the wooden boundary walls and to his defeat. Two young elves, a boy and girl, made their way to him, worried he may be seriously hurt.

Though dazed, the swordsman eventually got to his feet, and was able to rally back to the crowd, who were more than willing to sing his praises despite his defeat. Even so, Vorlos’ own crowd had grown rather tremendously, and as he headed into the final competition, there were hundreds within the crowd who were shouting out for “The Direfist,” with one hand dipped in red paint and raised to the sky, and the symbol of a red fist painted upon their faces.

Guin, looking to take advantage of the trading opportunities, made her way into the weapons market, eventually speaking with a woman selling exquisitely expensive crafted weaponry inlaid with precious metals and stones. Unfortunately for the rogue, however, her crafty plans at tricking the woman for a cheaper price were stymied by the wizened merchant’s own wariness.

Back at the arena, as the crowd was rallying, and the shouts for both competitors had reached a fever pitch, as finally, the two battlers for The Blade were brought out into the center. Vorlos “The Direfist,” facing off against Dakka “The Great,” in a great battle of strength and skill.

Andre noticed that Dakka’s “support team” included not only the swordsman, Rayleesh, but also the two elves from before, Twitch and Meebo.

The fight was tough and arduous, and both competitors were near exhaustion and in significant pain, but in the end, it was Vorlos who stood victorious, with the crowd shouting out the name “Direfist” in raucous frenzy, even as he was handed his prize – That of the Queda Staff of Rithonne.

Dakka was happy for his opponent, and even offered that Vorlos and his companions should make their way to his Troupe’s camp in the morning, if they were so willing.

A celebration was had in Vorlos’ honor, with wine, women and song, of which Baergub was all-too-willing to participate. Vorlos was able to keep his award in hand throughout the night, but was happy to imbibe as much of his other rewards as much as possible.

Guin, Andre, and Bathsheba, meanwhile, made their way to Thorin’s betting house, and claimed Guin’s prize – That of twenty-one hundred pieces of gold. The three separated the gold, carrying it separately to the inn as quickly as possible.

As the sun rose over the city of Lansing, Vorlos made his way back to the inn to meet up with the others, while Guin meanwhile purchased a chest, a wagon, and two more horses to pull it, all with her winnings from the night before.

The Guild made their way to the camp of Sorem’s Travelling Troupe for a hearty breakfast, where Rayleesh finally noticed the sword that Bathsheba was carrying on her hip. He offered her a chance to exchange the blade for one of his others, explaining its sentimental value, and she chose a sleek dark-metal blade with a serrated handguard.

As they ate and conversed, however, a Shifter runner bolted with alarming speed past the camp and into the city, only slowing slightly as he breathlessly cried out…


S1: Episode 4 - Ghosts in the Darkness
You can never really outrun your past...


City of Teloth

Sacrifice/Month III, 933 HKV

Upon the morning after the Cult of the Dragon’s departure, the Whiteflame Guild went about investigating through the town for supplies. Together, they decided to continue on their assignment to reach the Temple of Thokk, satisfied that Teloth was at least not in any immediate danger.

Vorlos was able to speak with a trader from the north, who mentioned that he had spotted a half-elf travelling with a group of Shifters northward, which was odd, considering that Elves are rarely seen this far in Northern Lusionia. He was, however, a little fuzzy on the time in which he’d seen this person.

Guin, after purchasing a new suit of leather from Kesh the Armorer, made her way to Tirime’s Sundries and Trading, where she purchased a number of tools and supplies, as well as a Cymoran perfume, called “Stone Cloud,” which she said was for a lady friend.

Speaking with Tirime, she also chose to invest 50 gp with the man, in the hopes that such an investment may one day prove fruitful. Grateful for such a boon, he insists that she come to him with anything she might need.

Bathsheba convinces Baergub to cast Detect Magic on her new scimitar, which she discovers is not magical, but has a silvered edge, as well as an intricately-carved handle with the name “Rayleesh” carved into it. Disappointed, she chooses to wield it, anyhow.

Grateful for their aid, Governor Nighthill provided fresh horses for their journey, cared for by his son. Baergub spoke with the horses, who seemed confused and annoyed, proclaiming that the dwarven druid was not their master.

Upon Vorlos’ insistence, they obtained supplies for their journey before heading north, which Tirime was only-too-happy to provide. In his excitement, he even offered a small wagon cart to them in gratitude.

As they are obtaining supplies, Vorlos was approached by the Bottle family, who hired them to act as protection as they family made their way to the city of Lansing.

Upon the evening, Baergub shared a final drink with Escobert, who mentioned that the druid is the strangest dwarf that he’s ever encountered, but that at least, with a tankard in hand, he’s got his priorities straight.

In the morning, the Guild set off at a clear pace, and things seemed rather quiet, though Vorlos notices the sounds of eagles in the distance during his nightly watch. Guin, for her part, was able to sneak the bottle of “Stone Cloud” into Bathsheba’s pack, not revealing her motives.

Upon the next morning, the adventurers noticed two Giant Eagles, circling above.

Vorlos lead one of the horses out as bait, and as the first swooped down, Bathsheba and Vorlos lashed out, timing their strikes to slice the eagle’s belly. At the end of the speedy melee, Bathsheba’s was snatched into the sky, while Guin’s horse, whom Baergub named “Stumpy,” was raked deeply across its back, rendering him not able to be ridden.

Karoma Bottle, Tira’s husband, and Boon, their son, are pleased with the guild’s efforts, as Vorlos and Baergub dress the eagle for later cooking. Later that night, looking to roast the bird, Vorlos and Baergub headed off into the nearby woods to gather kindling and firewood.

While they were gone, and with the Bottle’s quickly asleep, Guin and Bathsheba found themselves invaded by several shadowy wraiths, who they could not quite discern. One slowly made its way behind Bathsheba, and whispered softly into her ear.

“Daughter of the Oath, you will return with us.”

Bathsheba swung wildly, her scimitar gashing into their new wagon, but there was no one there, only the silent night air.

Upon returning with the firewood, the Vorlos and Baergub noticed that the two women were visibly shaken. Bathsheba knew that these were “The Nahkrim Ghosts,” almost mythical members of an elite hunting group assigned to return lost sheep to the fold of her escaped cult. She explained the situation to her companions.

In the morning, Bathsheba found a note on her bedroll, with a very familiar symbol emblazoned upon it:

“Daughter of the Oath – You have one day to decide. Either by force or by choice.”

The group was considerably wary throughout the next day, but nothing happened until the next night. At the night’s darkest moments, the Guild was attacked.

They couldn’t quite see the Ghosts in the darkness, until light was cast on a coin and thrown into the black, and finally one appeared near the campfire. The Ghosts were heavily tattooed, with an eye imprinted directly into their foreheads. Guin quickly cut one down at the south of the camp.

The Ghosts were vicious, but seemed exceptionally annoyed at have to fight through the rest of the party to get to Bathsheba. One Ghost, however, was able to shoot the fighter twice, once in each leg, before being driven away by Vorlos and Baergub.

During the melee, Vorlos crushed one of the party’s wagon’s wheels, and Baergub made a show of healing from his wounds, with minor actual effect. He did, however, take a significant number of strikes with short swords, which he wore with pride.

The last Ghost standing backed away slowly, promising in an ominous tone, “We shall return.” He blew an unknown dust into the eyes of Vorlos and Baergub, causing a moment of blindness. When the dust settled, however, the Ghost was gone, and the camp was silent.

Shaken, but happy to be alive, the adventurers made haste to Lansing, and received 60gp total from the Bottles, much to Baergub’s chagrin, as the druid had assumed that they would be paid much more.

But tired and safe, the Guild made their way to the Arrow’s flight, and paid for two rooms.

S1: Episode 3 - Mighty Foes
There is honor in death...


City of Teloth

Sacrifice/Month III, 933 HKV

At breakfast, the Whiteflame Guild members met a fellow traveller named Carson Jefrem, a sorcerer who had heard about the Guild’s actions in the town, and commended them on their efforts. They were interrupted, however, as a guard ran into the mess hall, panicking that a blue dragon had been sighted, headed towards the keep.

Baergub quickly responded to the situation with a joke, which the guard didn’t really appreciate. The Guild headed towards the ramparts, meeting Escobert, shouting orders to the bowman on the walls.

The dragon suddenly appeared above, its electric breath blasting towards the ground, scattering the adventurers. Escobert was able to raise his shield, deflecting some damage, but Carric, unfortunately, was instantly vaporized.

With Escobert unconscious, the group rallied their allies, inspiring several volleys of archer fire into the dragon’s belly as Vorlos was able to force the town ballista into place, arming it with a flaming long bolt, which Guin was able to score directly into the blue dragon’s belly.

In response, the dragon blasted the ballista itself, shattering the weapon, scattering the adventurers around it, and knocking Guin and Jefrem unconscious.

After taking significant damage, the dragon seemed almost annoyed with the entire affair, and flew off towards the east.

After healing and resting until the morning, the adventurers spoke to Governor Nighthill, suspecting that the blue dragon was searching for something that is held within the city. The governor acknowledged the information, but was more concerned with the current crisis at the Temple of Chartreu, where a large number of commoners had barricaded themselves inside.

Upon the ramparts, the guild noticed a large mass of enemies, as well as Mordath the Sorceress, who seemed to be quitting the field. Though they were severely outnumbered, the Guild made their way out the sally port and approached.

They stealthily made their way near, and leapt into attack, engaging a mass of kobolds, cultists, and giant lizards, slaughtering dozens in a righteous fury. It looked, nearly, that they might be overrun, however, until a bellowing voice suddenly rang out.


It was the voice of Langdarosa Cyanwrath, a half-dragon gladiator who shouted to the remaining kobolds that they are to retreat. He surveyed the group, finally settling on Vorlos before stating, plainly, “We shall meet again.”

More concerned with the prisoners, the Guild charismatically convinced the commoners to open their doors through Vorlos’ use of a kobold’s severed head, and finally led them back to the safety of the keep.

Upon arriving near the sally port, Cyanwrath reappeared, flanked by over two-dozen kobolds, with a brazen challenge to "The Barbarian. He explained that he had several unneeded prisoners, which he was willing to offer to the city of Teloth in exchange for a fight with Teloth’s champion, indicating a man and three children who were tied up in the kobolds’ charge.

Vorlos, willing to take the challenge, drank a healing potion before approaching, axe in hand, and agreeing to single combat with the half-dragon challenger.

Though the Barbarian fought bravely, he was eventually overwhelmed by the gladiator’s breath attack, and fell to the ground, barely conscious.

“You are a worthy combatant,” said Cyanwrath, sheathing his weapon. “But not worthy enough.”

With that, he walked away, and the kobolds, as well as the defending army, also moved to the east, towards the mountains. The Guild revived their comrade, and led him back into the safety of the city as Cultist forces disappeared into the mountains.

S1: Episode 2 - The Guard and the Mill
Friends are found in the unlikeliest of places...


City of Teloth

Sacrifice/Month III, 933 HKV

Upon the morning, Baergub and Carric awoke to find that the Whiteflame Guild had sent several reinforcements to help them in their quest to the Temple of Thokk. Vorlos the barbarian, Bathsheba the mercenary, and Guin the rogue introduced themselves as the group was approached by Governor Nighthill.

The defenders on the ramparts had noticed that a group of cultists and kobolds were attempting to burn down the city’s mill, and Nighthill urged the adventurers to investigate, as well as bring back a prisoner to interrogate, if possible.

Taking the tunnel which they had opened before, the group made their way to the east.

As they approached, Vorlos peered into the distance, and noticed that the fires being set looked almost as a ruse – the flames would not light the mill itself, but seemed to be isolated on bales of hay and carts simply around the mill. Still, the group approached cautiously.

They noticed several kobolds chittering about, as well as a guard keeping watch over them. Baergub approached, and attempted to speak with the guard, assuring him that the group meant them no harm.

This was dispelled somewhat, as an arrow pierced through the head of one of the kobolds, courtesy of Vorlos’ bow.

In a panic, Baergub attempted a charm, which worked almost too well, as the guard believed that the dwarf was his kinsman! As the kobolds leaped to attack Baergub, the guard came quickly to the druid’s defense, skewering one of the creatures with his spear.

A cultist and several other kobolds ran quickly to the north at full speed, seemingly in fear of their lives in a hasty retreat.

The mill calm again, the guard introduced himself as Gilder, and was quite friendly as the group approached the building. It seemed that Baergub’s magic was quite potent.

Stealthily making her way inside, Guin stepped into the mill, noticing that the grinding wheel was still engaged, spinning quickly. Still, something seemed off in the silence.

Her instinct was proven right as she narrowly dodged a spear thrown from the mill’s upper floor, and a melee ensued. Guards and cultists leaped from the rafters above, engaging the Guildsmen in furious combat. Vorlos roared with rage as he brought his sword down upon a foe, while Bathsheba beside him sliced into an enemy with her twin scimitars.

Baergub, meanwhile, ordered Gilder to look away as he attempted to engage his spells through a window with little success, but eventually wrenched open the large mill side doors with a pull of his shillelagh, which prompted a cultist to engage him in combat.

In the end, the group was able to fend off the ambush with remarkable skill, and brought two of the unconscious cultists back to the keep, along with Gilder the Guard, for interrogation.

The governor was remarkably impressed, and Teloth guards quickly took the cultists and tied them in the guardhouse. It took some remarkable convincing, however, to get Gilder to allow himself to be tied, if only because he was still under the effects of Baergub’s charm.

During interrogation, the cultists refused to talk, which prompted Bathsheba to leap towards the cultist with a furious anger. She was restrained by two of the guards, who escorted her from the room.

Intimidated into giving up information, the cultists eventually revealed that they were part of The Cult of the Dragon, gathering treasures to create the great horde for The Queen of Dragons.

The cultists mocked the adventurers with the knowledge that the dragon eggs that they had in their eastern camp were completely secure.

As the time ticked by, eventually Gilder finally overcame his charm, and shouted with furious anger at being mentally controlled, straining against his bonds.

Baergub seemed genuinely saddened by this as the group left the guardhouse.

Their job complete, Governor Nighthill offered his thanks, but the Guild’s success was short-lived, as the sun began to set over the western wall, and potent electricity filled the air.

All looked to the darkening sky as, in the distance, they heard the unmistakable sound of a dragon’s roar.

S1: Episode 1 - Cultists and Kobolds
Sometimes a job's just not that simple...


City of Teloth

Sacrifice/Month III, 933 HKV

Just days after what Baergub the dwarven druid will only refer to as “The Kobold Incident,” he and Carric the elven illusionist found themselves on their way to the Temple of Thokk, walking nearby Andromede Bay in the hopes of entering into the Tedradian borders.

As they approached the crossroads city of Teloth, they could tell that something was amiss, as the unmistakable roar of a dragon echoed in the distance. This caused some alarm – Dragons were not known to come this far west, preferring the deep canyons and peaks of the Nhalam Mountains.

Though there was some hesitation, the two decided that there was really no way around, and so they must make their way into the city.

Mayhem was the order of the night, as commoners fled from hooded figures and guards, racing to the keep at the center of Teloth with little but torches and moonlight to guide their way. Baergub and Carric cautiously made their way into the city.

Their attempts to sneak through, however, were stymied by a group of hooded men who pointed towards them. Because the two adventurers didn’t exactly blend in, it was easy to pick them out as not belonging. Each figure was wearing the same robe, crimson red, but neither Baergub or Carric could tell who they were.

The pair engaged this threat with vigor, dispatching them and their scimitars handily, before Baergub searched through their belongings. He found little of value, but did choose to take a small carved bone sculpture in the shape of a claw, on a lanyard around the neck of the lead robed man.

Taking a breath, the two continued forward, sticking to the shadows to avoid further encounters. They finally made it to the central market, and snuck along the city street towards the keep at the center. Above them, they saw flashes of a blue dragon in the moonlight, sweeping over the keep in a frightening manner.

Watching the beast, however, distracted the hiding adventurers from noticing several approaching guardsmen, along with another robed figure wearing a red robe with white and purple trim. The robed figure ordered an attack, and the guards approached their targets cautiously.

The adventurers fought desperately with thorn whips and fire bolts, but though they were able to take down a half of their attackers, it looked like their mission would end there in the middle of the Teloth marketplace, as the robed figure attempted to cast another spell.

Suddenly, an arrow appeared, pierced through the helmet of one of the guardsmen. The second guard looked towards Carric, who was quick to take advantage of the situation, claiming that he was responsible.

The robed figure turned to see what had felled his guard, only to catch another arrow himself right between his eyes. He fell, dead, to the ground.

The other guard dropped his weapons and ran, able to make his way around a corner and escape.

The two adventurers, fearful for their lives, looked about quickly to see where the arrows had come from, and finally saw an elven woman, with bow in hand, beckoning them to her at the far north of the market.

She introduced herself as Reba, and guided Baergub and Carric towards the town keep at the center of the city. With her help, the two were able to make their way into a keep side door just moments before rubble smashed the portal into pieces.

Inside the keep, the two made their way towards what looked to be an impromptu triage center, and were able to get their wounds patched up enough to at least start healing properly. As they were being cared for, they noticed a man in the center of the action, with a wound on his head, and an arm in a sling, attempting to give orders to the incoming townsfolk.

Baergub was approached by another dwarf, a red-bearded man carrying an impressive shield. He introduced himself as Castellan Escobert the Red, but insisted on just being called Escobert. He and Baergub shared a tankard of ale while Carric was being tended to.

Escobert explained that the man offering directions was Governer Nighthill, and that the keep was currently under attack by a dragon, as well as a group known as The Cult of the Dragon. The dwarf didn’t seem to know much about the cult itself, other than their obvious inclination towards causing trouble, but mentioned that the adventurers should come and see him in the morning, hoping that the two could offer some help in the keep.

After resting through the night, the two adventurers sought out the governor, and met with both him and Escobert, which led them to attempting the opening of an old tunnel which led out towards the northeast of the city, underneath the keep. The adventurers seemed convinced that such a task wouldn’t be too difficult.

Key in hand, the pair made their way into the tunnel, and were able to open the first lock quite easily, the gated door opening with a creak. As they walked down the tunnel, however, both were able to see a nest of rats at the far end, who were none too pleased to be disturbed.

The rats were quickly dispatched, and Baergub tried the key, attempting to turn it in the next gate lock. He was stymied as the key broke in the lock, making picking the lock impossible. Confusion was replaced with surprise as Carric stepped forward, and kicked the lock off the gate, swinging the door open.

The two continued forward.

They stopped as they turned the last corner, noticing two kobolds seemingly standing guard. Carric and Baergub attacked, which provoked two more kobolds to investigate. The fight was quick, as the two adventurers made short work of the lizard men, and continued forward into the sunlight.

Baergub noticed a commotion just above them, and realized that the keep’s northern sally port was under attack by a mass of kobolds and cultists, defended only by six guards.

Though some would say such an action was reckless, the two leaped into the fray, drawing the cultists’ attention. They struck down numerous creatures, finally able to help the guardsmen drive away the attackers, with only one guard lost.

Two of the guards helped carry Baergub into the sally port before they reinforced the doors, sealing the entrance properly. While getting their wounds cared for yet again, Escobert rewarded the two with a pair of healing potions each.

As the sun was setting, however, all heard the roar of a dragon in the distance, and they realized that the challenge was not yet over.

Tales of Lusionia
The adventures begin...

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