Tales of Lusionia

S1: Episode 15 - The Guardians of Tetradias
A hero's walk can shake the ground...


City of Tetradias – Northern Tetradias

Drakeforce/Month V, 933 HKV

High in the dark lofts of the Council Tower, the party slowly stepped from the stuff lifter, their eyes failing to see anything despite Andre’s everburning torch. There in the darkness, the voice from before seemed to echo, source unknown:

“I hope that you have brought me my amulets.”

The party called out, demanding that the voice face them, but as light finally began to brighten in the room, there stood a shifter who none of them recognized, but he bore the Longtooth insignia. This was the infamous Councilor Stripehunt.

Without warning, the shifter changed form, growing massively into a wereboar as a group of ghouls rushed towards the party from behind the councilor. They battled quickly and angrily, and nearly killed the creature, but not before he could shift back enough to place his amulet into an indentation upon the table at the center of the room.

An impenetrable shield of magical energy surrounded the shifter as he stopped moving, seemingly suspended in place.

Stymied, the party turned to the other ghouls, and quickly dispatched them, carefully studying Stripehunt’s frozen form for a moment, but hearing the sound of screams and wails echoing through the caves below. Finally, making their decision, they each chose one of the amulets, and pressed it into the table in-turn.

Their minds blanked for a moment, as they suddenly awoke underwater, but not needing to breathe, inhabiting the bodies of the guardians of tetradias, each a massive construct of stone and metal, with immense strength and powerful, unique capabilities. Taking a moment to aclimate, they were still able to speak with one another as they each rose from the canals surrounding the Council Tower, and turned to see the the sixth guardian, inhabited by Stripehunt, preparing to attack in the tower plaza.

The battle resumed as the massive golems battled one another, the party attempting to take down their foe while still hoping not to completely decimate the city, which was a futile attempt, as the Vghotan army broke through the East Gate, flooding their forces into the Wildhunt District.

They paused, however, seeing the half-dozen guardians standing in their path, and so the goblins and their allies rushed with everything towards the party. The Guardians tossed them aside like toys, decimating entire regiments with but a sweep of their arms. In an effort to stem the flow, Guin utilized the abilities of her Guardian, and created a massive earthquake through the square, causing massive fissures to appear in the solid rock, cutting off the army forces.

Stripehunt held off as best as he could, hoping to battle his way through the adventurers, but in the end, both he, and the Vghotan, lay wasted before them, as they crushed both into dust.

Upon “waking” from their self-imposed slumber, the party turned to see the Councilor, raised above the ground with a familiar hand around his throat – Kerath the Revenant had found the object of his vengeance. Kerath drove his sword through the councilor’s heart, and then nodded to the party in respect, before promptly collapsing, his vengeance complete.

Though there was some significant celebration for the victory, Councilor Houndtrack insisted that, as outsiders, it was to their best interest to leave as quickly as possible, so as to avoid possible retribution from the shifter public for the party’s role in decimating the Wildhunt District.

Resting from their labors, the party decides that leaving is a good idea, and set outside for the first time in weeks.

S1: Episode 14 - Red Beacon
Cunning strikes when the prey is weak...


City of Tetradias – Northern Tetradias

Drakeforce/Month V, 933 HKV

Midway through the night, the party was awakened by Rock-Rock, who alerted them to what looked to be a large, approaching mob, made even more ominous by the pulsing red glow at the top of the Council Tower. The party took defensive positions, Andre noticing from the upper floor that the mob was being led by Councilor Baern Zarkanan, the Dwarven representative.

Andre also relayed, however, that the “mob” didn’t look to be carrying many weapons of any kind, and that their expressions were ones of worry, not exactly anger. The party allowed the group to approach without firing their crossbows, as Zarkanan made his way up to the door and knocked.

He asked about the amulets, resulting in a somewhat tense conversation as the both the party and the councilor realized that they were actually working towards the same goal. Zarkanan explained that the amulets needed to be united up at the top of the tower, but that the Longtooth councilor, Stripehunt, has decided to take the defense of the city upon himself, having enlisted his military guards into service.

The party grimly agreed to make their way to the tower, accompanied by the councilors and their entourage. The other councilors offer the party their respective amulets, bringing the party’s total to five, including the Wondial amulet.

The councilors recounted that the the party must place the amulets into some kind of platform which they refer to as “The Device,” in a specific order. They admitted, however, that they have not used the amulets for this purpose in generations, so they are unsure of what will occur, though this is the way that the city is to be protected.

Approaching the tower, the party was stopped by a circled line of Longtooth Guardsmen, who have sealed off all entrances into the tower, and are not letting anyone, even the councilors themselves, though, under Councilor Stripehunt’s orders.

Impatient, the party took the amulets, and made their way to the central canal, drifting with some flotsam towards the Council Tower. They were successfully able to swim without being seen, but while making their way, Guin saw what looked to be a giant stone face somewhere at the bottom of the canal, which she explained to the others when they arrived at the Council Tower under-docks.

Vorlos, Guin and Andre enter into the tower, taking the stairs quietly upwards. They find that the many guards that they had seen before are either gone, or slain, leaving precise evidence behind of Stripehunt’s treachery.

At the throne rooms, they find two council guards, attempting to make their way in. The party approaches them cautiously, and convinces them to be allowed past, using one of the amulets to open the sealed door. The guards agree to not allow anyone else inside, except for Bathsheba or Baergub, who they remember from the party’s visits earlier in the week.

While inside, the sealed room becomes pitch black, and the party is forced to deal with a group of sneaky Longtooth assassins with little but wits, sound, and torchlight. Even so, the three prevail, and enter into a stairwell at the rear of the throne room.

Several floors above, they peer through a door to find the revenant, Kerath, tearing his way through a regiment of Longtooth guards. With Vorlos nodding in approval, the party wisely made their way further up the tower.

At the top of the flight, the party entered a series of large meeting halls and other rooms, and Andre retrieved one of the everburning torches from a wall, using it to light the way as they climbed ever-higher.

Finally, the party reached a platform sitting above a large red lantern, pulsing with crimson light just below a series of stairways. Atop the platform, there was a mechanism which the party determined to be a “stuff lifter,” seemingly designed to carry people or items mechanically up a large shaft into the void above.

After placing one of the amulets briefly into a slot on the side of the device, the “stuff lifter” began to move, rising higher and higher. Even Andre’s torch could show little but the faces of the party as they continued to rise for several long minutes.

After bated anticipation, the stuff lifter finally stopped, still in complete blackness, and a voice spoke from the black:

“I hope that you have brought me my amulets.”

S1: Episode 13 - A Familiar Face
Some people thrive on chaos...


City of Tetradias – Northern Tetradias

Drakeforce/Month V, 933 HKV

After collapsing the western entrance, stalling the oncoming goblin invasion, the party accepted the Razorclaw Peacekeeping Force’s offer to rest at their checkpoint, taking the time to check through their equipment and tend to their minor wounds, as well as to those of the numerous guardsmen.

Rock-Rock seemed cryptically concerned about something, now that the conflict had been stayed, and asked for leave from Drift to investigate what he called a “personal matter.” Drift agreed, insisting that they meet back in an hour, as the Captain himself left to inspect the East Gate fortifications in an attempt to see what the army’s movements were.

The party, while resting, was sidetracked as Guin noticed an individual standing at the corner of a building nearby to the cave – The leader of the bandits who had attacked her on the water in the Cliffwalk District.

Guin bolted after the man, taking chase as the thief attempted to escape, with Vorlos and Andre right behind her. The party was quick enough to see the man head towards the western riverbank, where The Hound’s Tooth open tavern sat, tending to customers.

As the trio approached, the tavern seemed rather busy, with tables and chairs occupied. Guin rushed to the barkeep, somewhat out of breath, frantically asking about a man who may have just rushed in. The barkeep, Phillip, said he had not, but that there would be no fighting in his bar, else his mace would have something to say about it.

The party walked outside, and noticed three men, the leader being the thief whom Guin had recognized. The two trios exchanged banter for a moment, before leaping into battle, as the members of the Whiteflame Guild cut down the leader and one of his friends quickly. Andre, however, chased after the third as the thief made his way back into the bar, and was barely able to dodge underneath the swung mace of the barkeep, angrily shouting that there would be no fighting in his bar.

Despite his words, however, a brawl began, and the party made a quick escape as the tavern descended into chaos.

Back at the RPF checkpoint, Rock-Rock met the group, and explained that they should follow him to his father’s home in Beasthide. His father, he explained, was Roq Houndtrack, one of the Council of Six. The party followed, and after a minor misunderstanding at the door, were welcomed into the councilor’s home.

Councilor Houndtrack explained that the city’s best hope would be to bring the six amulets to the top of the Tetradias Tower, but he had no idea of what to do with them after that point beyond explaining an order that had been passed down from councilor to councilor. He handed the party his Beasthide amulet, as well as that of the late Wildhunt councilor, Tahitoa Sharpclaw, which Rock-Rock had retrieved the day before.

The party rested, until sometime in the night, a bright, pulsing glow began to emanate from a level near the top of the Tetradias Tower.

S1: Episode 12 - Cave In
Between a rock and a hard place...


City of Tetradias – Northern Tetradias

Drakeforce/Month V, 933 HKV

With the Tetradias West Gate sealed, the members of the Whiteflame Guild desperately prepared for the imminent assault by Vghotan Army. They rallied the RPF guards, who made their way up into the tunnel’s meurtrière murder-holes to help thin out the ranks as the party did their best to slow incoming forces and make the final stand.

The party decided the best plan would be to destroy the cave, forcing the Vghotan to route all the way around to the East Gate, buying the city some time. A grand idea, to be sure, but they had no clue how to accomplish such a task, deciding eventually to send Vorlos and two of the RPF guards to the Dwarven District to find a solution.

With the goblin rams battering into the grand stone doors, Baergub caused the mushrooms throughout the cavern to grow to enormous size, not realizing until afterwards that many of the shifter guards above the murder holes suddenly found themselves trapped in a mass of poison-spored fungi.

The poisonous caps, however, caused significant problems for the Vghotan forces who finally had forced their way into the tunnel.

Ryder, desperate to assist his comrades, began to cast a spell as the others defended him. Goblins and hobgoblins fell before the party’s strikes, until the spell was finally cast, stopping a Chimera from landing right in the midst of the party.

The Chimera couldn’t get through the impenetrable pink bubble, and Vorlos, who had returned with two of the dwarven engineers, stabbed his sword into the creature’s throat and sliced its belly open, the carcass lying, bleeding over the top of the pinkish dome.

Vorlos brought two dull grey gems with him, “gifts” from the dwarves, which Baergub realized would combust with the use of even a small electric charge.

Bathsheba, seeing another force approaching, attempted to “surf” atop the dead Chimera in an attempt to gain height to cast spells, but was unsuccessful, though the party was still able to utilize their clever defense to defeat a wave of bugbears.

Finally, however, a hobgoblin warlord with glowing eyes dispelled the bubble, which dropped the chimera nearly on top of them. The adventurers, not dissuaded, defeated the hobgoblin, which again had a similar red wraith glowing behind its body as it fell to the tunnel floor.

The cave momentarily secure, the adventurers helped the trapped shifter guards to escape from the mushroom-filled upper levels, and then backed away as the two dwarves placed the gems at the back of the cavern, igniting the explosives with small staffs that emitted a small bolt of lightning.

The explosion was devastating, caving the tunnel in, and sealing the entrance, blocking the Vghotan advance.

S1: Episode 11 - Moving Time
There are two sides to every story...


City of Tetradias – Northern Tetradias

Drakeforce/Month V, 933 HKV

With the amulet in their possession, the Whiteflame Guild adventurers began to experiment with its powers, eventually discovering its ability to alter the space and time around its wielder, at the cost of nearly breaking the fingers of those hands touching it when it is activated.

Bathsheba, unfortunately, learned that the item carried with it a terrible curse, as her use of the amulet drained her significantly, leaving her hand significantly burned from the exertion.

Realizing the power in their possession, the party nevertheless continued their way to the tower with Rock-Rock’s escort, eventually making their way up and inside, but finding councilor Sharpclaw, not in his previous office, but in a large chamber that looked very similar to a Throne Room.

According to his word, the councilor’s servants bring forth gold as Vorlos reaches out to hand the amulet to Councilor Sharpclaw. Upon examining the amulet, Sharpclaw mentioned that, though he is pleased to have the item in his possession, he cannot have the party interfering with his plans.

Immediately, the members of the Guild attack, instigating battle in the chamber as the servants leaped forward to protect the Councilor. Sharpclaw, however, was extremely calm as he turned the dial of the amulet with a wicked grin, disappearing into time.

Battle was swift and brutal as the councilor continued to appear and disappear, striking at the party with accelerated strikes. In the end, however, it was not enough, as they were able to defeat the sorcerer, with Bathsheba reclaiming the amulet.

Furious at the councilor’s lack of honor in battle, Vorlos began to urinate on his corpse, which Baergub enthusiastically agreed with, if only because he needed also to relieve himself.

Rock-Rock and his rangers, hearing the commotion, burst into the room to find the grisly and disturbing scene, and drew weapons, intent on defending themselves against the party’s intentions. Ryder, however, stepped forward to explain, and was able to convince the Ranger Lieutenant to stand down.

Alarmed, but not completely surprised at the councilor’s treachery, Rock-Rock explained that this chamber was one of six identical rooms, remnant of the age when the council was made of kings elected for each of the six kingdoms, before a more democratic government was established.

Surprised that the adventurers were in possession of the Symbol of Wondial, Rock-Rock quickly escorted the adventurers out of the building, commanding two of his rangers to take care of the bodies.

The group made their way out of the tower and to the West Gate, to find Captain Drift and his rangers unsuccessfully attempting to convince the RPF guards to marshal their defenses due to the looming threat of the Vghotan army approaching. The guards, however, refused to listen.

The amulet now in Vorlos’ hand, the party, along with Drift and his Rangers, made their way out of the West Gate to find a horde of goblins right behind the Man in the White Cloak, who offered a retreat in return for delivering the amulet to Parish Aimes.

With the goblins snarling behind him, the Man in the White Cloak offered his promised gold for the amulet, and Vorlos stepped forward to hand the item to him. At the last moment, however, Bathsheba disagreed, and the White Cloak became enraged, reaching out his hand to magically pull the amulet to him.

Vorlos gripped the amulet tightly, and with great strength fought against the magic to pull the item back to the great city door, securing the piece inside of a bear trap pinned to the cave floor.

The party and the Rangers fought off berzerkers and the revealed White Cloaked Wizard, with Drift losing several of his rangers, but ably defending himself. They fought bravely, inflicting casualties, and finally felling the Man in the White Cloak.

Upon the man’s death, the guild noticed a red wraith-looking visage behind the man’s body, who stated simply -

“Now this city will fall!”

S1: Episode 10 - Ghostcatcher
Power truly can corrupt...


City of Tetradias – Northern Tetradias

Sandsar/Month IV, 933 HKV

Waking in The Stone Pony, and after an inn-provided breakfast, the adventurers of the Whiteflame Guild made their way deeper into the Dwarven District, to visit with Councilor Zarkanan at his home. In stark contrast to the rest of the city, the dwarves paid the adventurers little mind, leaving them to go about their way.

They discovered the front door to Zarkanan’s residence empty, and the house completely dark, almost as if those inside had left in a great hurry. Baergub was only too happy to partake of the councilor’s abandoned breakfast.

In one of the back rooms of the home, the adventurers discovered the revenant, Kerath, rummaging about. Recognizing the creature, Vorlos offered the councilor’s hammer-shaped amulet, asking what Kerath’s interest in the Dwarven councilor was.

Kerath explained that he sought the amulet, not as a method of hunting the dwarven councilor, but in gaining entrance to the Tower, and more specifically, Councilor Rockcatcher.

Troubled by this, but realizing that they have not checked in with their companions nor the Wildhunt Rangers in some time, the Guild made their way back to the Wildhunt District, skirting around Cliffwalk and quickly moving through Longstride. Finally arriving back at the Visitor’s Rest, the group found Ryder, plying his trade of story and song.

They quickly made their way out of the city through the West Gate to meet with the messenger in the White Cloak, to hopefully negotiate for more time. Despite their attempts, however, the messenger explained that the army would be attacking the next day, because they had not fulfilled their part of the bargain. They parted on unsure terms, but their determination to find the amulet had grown more urgent.

Returning to Visitor’s Rest, the party found Rock-Rock waiting, with an exceptionally grim expression.

The ranger lieutenant explained that he had discovered Guin’s suspected location, in a building near the center of Cliffwalk’s “Pit.” He had thought the rescue would be simple, and sent four of his best rangers to retrieve her, but none had returned. He was afraid that dark magic lay within.

Determined to rescue their companion, the Guild made their way back into the tainted streets of Cliffwalk, and near the heart of the Pit, found an immaculately preserved building, untouched by the rot and decay that permeated the rest of the district, but sealed shut, without a single window, and only one door.

They searched as Baergub cast his Identify Magic, discovering a small magical handprint away from the door. Vorlos pressed his hand to the plate, and the door swung open. There, on the floor, were three Wildhunt Rangers, one with his throat slit, and the two others covered with unusual bite marks.

Strangely, their weapons and armor seemed otherwise undisturbed, along with gold and cards that were sitting on a nearby dusty table.

Navigating through the traps and treasures of the rooms, and finding numerous spectres and magical barriers, the Guild members finally heard the sound of Guin in the back room, which they discovered had five tables neatly laid out, with Guin tied to a chair.

Vorlos untied the rogue, upon which a booming voice bellowed that the adventurers did not belong.

“She is mine!” Said the voice, and as the adventurers peered into the darkness, they noticed a silvery wraith hovering over a table at the back wall, upon which laid the body of Councilor Rockcatcher.

Casually, Baergub tossed a ball of flame at the wraith, which passed directly through the creature, angering it tremendously, and lighting the table aflame. The wraith attacked with a terrible fury, but the adventurers were able to defeat it, though Vorlos felt that his blade was different after the battle.

On the councilor’s body, Bathsheba found the notorious Wondial Amulet, which she stowed away before the party left. The party discussed if they should really give such power to an invading army of goblins.

Afterwards, the party investigated the other rooms, checking for traps and finding several diamonds, as well as some gold and clothing. They also discovered a room full of small beds, each of which had a small blue jewel underneath it. Guin attempted to steal one, falling immediately asleep, after which Baergub attempted the same, with an identical result.

Vorlos dragged the two unconscious mercenaries out of the room, as Bathsheba stepped into the last room, finding it full of chests. The first was filled with only clothes, but the second opened to reveal a mouthful of teeth and a strong, sticky tongue, revealing itself to be a mimic in disguise.

Bathsheba and Vorlos quickly cut down the creature, and decided to leave before more traps in the house could appear to harm them.

With their companion rescued and the amulet in hand, the adventurers made their way back to the Visitor’s Rest to decide their next course of action.

S1: Episode 9 - The Decay of Cliffwalk
Every city has its secrets...


City of Tetradias – Northern Tetradias

Sandsar/Month IV, 933 HKV

Insistant upon finding their lost companion, Vorlos refused to sleep until Rock-Rock assured him he would send Rangers out to search for Guin, who had, unknown to the others, turned herself in at the Cliffwalk RPF Station as makeshift protection, having been injured in a bandit ambush in the canals.

Once Rock-Rock explained that he would wake the barbarian at first sign of any news, Vorlos slept.

Upon the morning, the adventurers stepped out of the city through the West Gate, and met with the white cloaked messenger of the Vghotan, Kolbain. The messenger listened with disappointment as the adventures explained that they did not wish to invade the tower, and that if it came right down to it, the adventurers would stand with Tetradias against the surging tides of the Vghotan army.

Still hoping to salvage the situation, Kolbain explained that he had been authorized to give the adventurers one day to produce the amulet, after which, the army would invade on the day after.

Back in the city, the party returned to the tower, meeting with Councilor Sharpclaw within his chambers, who had by his side a bound Bathsheba, under heavy guard. The Councilor explained that the mercenary had apparently killed two inmates at the Wildhunt station, necessitating her transfer to Cliffwalk. Because the incident occured in “self-defense,” the Councilor explained that they would simple call the situation even, and leave her in the adventurers’ responsiblity.

The Guild explained the situation they had gleaned from meeting with the Vghotan messenger, and that if the amulet was not found, then the goblin army would soon be at the West Gate. Distraught, the Councilor explained that he would need to confer with his fellow Councilors, and took his leave.

Hoping to find their lost companion, the party made their way to the Cliffwalk RPF Headquarters, where they met with Chief Ironbolt, who explained that their friend had met with a friend of hers, who had then taken her from the station.

After leaving the headquarters, Bathsheba related that she had seen a shifter in rather fine rainment, with a symbol of Wondial on his neck, who had been in the Cliffwalk station earlier that morning, before Sharpclaw had arrived. As she described him, the others agreed that it sounded like Councilor Rockcatcher, who had interupted their meeting the day before.

Returning to the tower, the party was annoyed to find that Sharpclaw was not in his office, though several hours had passed. Troubled, they ran across Dwarven Councilor Baern Zarkanan, who seemed particularly annoyed with Baergub’s antics in the Tetradias Tower.

After being informed of the party’s purpose, the Councilor seemed annoyed that he had not been told that the rest of the Council was conferring without him, and went to leave, but also offered Vorlos a necklace with the pendant of Strykerd upon it, as a way to find him later, in the tower.

The party returned to Trader’s Talk for a meal, and ate heartily, discussing what to do next. Afterwards, they made their way back to the tower, but were stopped by guards, who explained that the councilors had returned home for the evening.

Frustrated, the party decided that they could not wait, and entered into Cliffwalk to make their way to the Dwarven District.

Along the way, the adventurers were ambushed by a wight and several zombies, though Bathsheba noticed several shadowy figures on the decaying roofs of the surrounding buildings, watching over the battle with seeming interest. When the battle resolved, however, the figures had vanished, leaving no trace.

Continuing through the decaying center of Cliffwalk, the party encountered a revenant, who was angry at the adventurers’ intrusion. He turned to Vorlos, indicating the Stykerd-hammer amulet in the barbarian’s pocket, and demanded the item, claiming that it would assist in his vengeance.

The barbarian requested that he be allowed to surrender the item the next day, as he had need of it tonight, to which the revenant agreed, allowing the party to pass, but reminding them that he would return for that which he was owed.

Finally making their way back to the edges of the district, the party was stopped by RPF guards, led by Guardsman Kwain Ashmaker, who was extremely suspicious of the humans’ presence in Cliffwalk. The party, annoyed, explained that they were given instructions by Councilor Sharpclaw, and the guardsman asked them to await confirmation.

As they waited, the party entered into a nearby weapons shop, where Baergub was able to detect that every item in the shop glowed with magical energy. With the help of the shopkeeper, Vaimiti Mooncast, he traded the Queda Staff of Rithonne for a magically-infused sword, hoping that the weapon would serve him better than the staff had.

Upon exiting the guards allowed the party to continue, and they entered into the Dwarven District, finding fast friendship within the Stone Pony, and in the ale of its barkeep, Lurtrum Copperhearth.

There in the tavern, amidst the serving of strong drinks to the adventures, (and some strangely stronger drinks to Baergub), Lurtrum happily shared that the Councilor’s home was just a little ways down the path, and that the party could easily meet them in the morning.

Satisfied with this new information, the party turned in for the night, hoping that answers would more easily be found at first light.

S1: Episode 8 - Shifting Alliances
Smiling faces often hide fangs...


City of Tetradias – Northern Tetradias

Sandsar/Month IV, 933 HKV

The morning after their strike against the goblin artillery – Vorlos, Guin, Andre and Ryder met Rock-Rock just after breakfast, who explained that they had been summoned to the Council Tower. Surprised, but eager to learn more, the party followed the ranger to the center of Tetradias, to an enormous, fifty-foot tower that seemed to have been carved from the solid stone of the mountain itself.

Walking up the many stairs and down the many hallways, the guards of the tower were quite wary of the humans, and seemed tense as the party passed by, eventually ending in a minor confrontation in front of a conference office, as Rock-Rock explained to the guards that the Guild had been summoned by Councilor Sharpclaw, and they were allowed to enter.

Within, the guards met Councilor Tahitoa “Sharp” Sharpclaw, Wildhunt Councilor of the Council of Seven, who was quite pleased with the party’s assistance in removing the goblin artillery. Unlike the other shifters, Sharpclaw seemed rather unconcerned that they were humans, and treated them as equals.

In fact, Sharpclaw seemed annoyed at the politics of “the old ways,” and explained that an envoy from the goblin forces had been detained just within the West Gate, claiming peace under white flag. They had asked to speak with those who destroyed the siege engines.

The converstaion was interupted suddenly by another councilor, Mana “Catcher” Rockcatcher, the councilor of Cliffwalk, who seemed simultaneously annoyed and surprised to see humans in the tower, but quickly retreated from the room, deferring to Sharpclaw’s authority.

Not everything seemed exactly peaceful between even the different members of the Council, even within the tower. Still, at Sharpclaw’s insistence, the party agreed to meet with this envoy.

Sharpclaw provided an emblem for each of the party, with the symbol of a bow carved in polished stone, surrounded by open teeth. Sharpclaw explains that this emblem is his personal symbol, and should the party need to contact him, this will provide him the way.

Taking leave from the tower, Rock-Rock lead them to the envoy, where they met with a white-cloaked human, flanked by six mercenary guards, all human, who asked that the party come with him, and that no harm will come to them. Hesitant, Vorlos quietly utilized the Queda Staff to determine the man’s intentions, but there was not even a hint of malice around the white-cloaked man’s person.

Understandably hesitant, the party agreed to go along, but first, Andre hand called to Rock-Rock, worried that he was carrying too much gear with him. Rock-Rock called forward two rangers to carry all the goods that Andre was hoping to unload, which finally ended up simply being the rogue’s Explorer’s pack.

Rock-Rock seems both annoyed and bewildered at the amount of fuss for such a trivial task, as the ranger shouldered the pack.

Following the cloaked figure through the West Gate, the party traveled for two hours outside of the city, making their way to a small camp of hobgoblin guards surrounding a campfire and a red-cloaked figure poking at the coals while preparing tea.

The man introduced himself as Vrashnai, who seemed annoyed that he had to work with goblins, and in fact, ordered them away as he conversed with the party. Vreshnai expressed astonishment at the Guild’s capabilities, and surprise that the humans were helping the shifters at all.

Vreshnai explained to the party that the army is looking for a specific amulet, held in the tower of Tetradias. He explained that the Council of Six would deny that the amulet even existed, but if the party were to retrieve the amulet, the army would leave, and they could move on.

The party took the suggestion under consideration, and agreed to meet with a final decision in the morning, just outside of the city, on the understanding that the army would stand down to await the decision.

As they returned to the city, the party was attacked by a pack of wolves, including a large Winter Wolf, whose carcass Vorlos claimed upon striking the killing blow. The wolf upon his shoulders, the party entered into the West Gate, passing the army’s mercenaries in the tunnel.

Back in the city, Vorlos took the wolf pelt to Leathermaster, a leather worker who was quite impressed by the kill, and agreed to make a cloak for the barbarian from the pelt. Later, Andre returned to the shop to ask for meat from the carcass, and purchased some from Leathermaster to make jerky with, which the shifter took as a very odd idea.

Andre returned to Trader’s Talk and purchased a barrel and spices from Source, proceeding to go about “jerking his meat,” which seemed like an odd way to phrase the task. Ryder, for his part, returned to Visitor’s Rest and played music for coin in the inn.

Guin, seeking to appraise the rings that she had found in Teloth, went to the plaza to speak with Grimtor the Dwarf Armorer, who gave her a rough estimate, but explained that he couldn’t really appraise gems – That was more his brother’s work, back in the Dwarven District. She decided to find passage across the city.

Vorlos, thoughtful, made his way back to the center of the city, looking at the massive fifty-story tower and marveled at its size, wondering how they could possibly invade such a place, though he did have a small conversation with an odd dwarf who was able to explain some of the intricate stonework.

At the docks, Guin arrived at the Edgewater tavern, filled with rather unseemly scoundrels. She procured a ferry just outside the tavern, piloted by a rather unruly looking fellow who was surprised that the woman agreed to an entire gold tooth as payment for round-trip to the Dwarven District.

The ferryman asked her what she was looking to do there, and Guin explained she was hoping to get some items appraised for their value.

The ferryman guided them to the Cliffwalk District, casually floating the ferry into an ambush before demanding the rogue’s treasure. Guin put up a fight, but was quickly overwhelmed – Surrendering her Golden Medallion, as well as 24 GP in exchange for her life. The ferryman, revealed to be a bandit, let her leap into the river to safety.

Bloodied and soaked, Guin climbed out of the canal and met one of the Cliffwalk RPF Guards, who took her back to the main station, where she turned herself in, taking a cell for the night.

The others, worried about her disappearance, made their way to Edgewater, but at the late hour, there were no real leads to follow…

S1: Episode 7 - Entering Tetradias
Even the impossible can be done...


City of Tetradias – Northern Tetradias

Sandsar/Month IV, 933 HKV

Eager to find safety, the adventurers of the Whiteflame Guild rode swiftly towards the city, pushing their mounts to their limits, until they finally saw the giant doors of the city’s East Gate. They reared their horses, however, as they saw the looming form of a wereboar step into the path.

Swiftly they engaged their enemy, even as it charged with ferocity into several of the party members, and as ever-more wereboars continued to pour from the surrounding woods. The party fought desperately, but things looked dire, as it seemed their adventure would end here, lost just short of the shifter capital.

An arrow appeared suddenly, planting itself between a charging wereboar’s eyes, with another appearing on another creature’s neck. The two beasts collapsed, dead on impact, as the others howled in confusion and frustration.

The Guild had unwittingly been saved by a group of shifters, rangers who drove the wereboars off, but then quickly turned their arrows onto those they’d rescued.

Vorlos was not pleased with the weapons being leveled at him. “Either drop those bows or use them!” He bellowed. The bowmen hesitated for a moment, but stood their ground, though some of their strings slackened.

Two of the shifters stepped forward, a larger man who introduced himself as Rock-Rock, the second in command to the other man, Captain Drift. Rock-Rock wasn’t entirely pleased with the situation, and was rather suspicious of the humans’ sudden appearance alongside the western goblin invasion.

The captain of the Wildhunt Rangers, Drift decided to give the group the benefit of the doubt, and offered to escort the Guild inside, offering a repeated word of caution:

“Don’t do anything stupid.”

The city was enormous, seemingly carved out of the inside of the mountain, out of solid stone. Impressive towers seemed to serve as both buildings and pillars throughout, with an extensively designed water highway allowing small boats to ferry people and goods through the many areas and districts

The party quickly realized that they were rather unwelcome, with people in the Wildhunt district pointing their fingers, and hurling insults such as “plainface” at them, which several of the party actually seemed to snicker at.

As per protocol, Drift took the party to the Razorclaw Peacekeeping Force HQ in the Wildhunt District, where the Guild met Chief Hardspine, who was immediately dismissive, not only of the human group, but of Captain Drift, as well. It was clear that both Drift and Spine do not exactly see “eye to eye.”

Doubtful of the group’s sincerity in wanting to help Tetradias, the Chief proposed a plan, a way for them to prove their loyalty to the city. He indicated the booming sounds which seemed to be rhythmically pummeling the city, and explained that these were the siege engines of the Goblin forces. If the Guild could remove those siege engines, then that would prove not only their loyalty, but their usefulness, as well.

To ensure their return, however, he also insisted that one of their companions, Bathsheba, be held behind under guard. As they left the building, Vorlos off-handedly mentioned that the Chief may later be begging them to return the necromancer.

Captain Drift left the Guild in the care of Rock-Rock, who begrudgingly took the group to the trader’s inn, Visitor’s Rest. There, the party met with a shifter named Source, who was more than willing to provide them with supplies and items, including four bottles of Alchemist’s Fire, which Guin stowed away in her satchel.

Guin additionally provided special instructions to the shopkeeper concerning something discreet, though coins certainly exchanged hands.

Vorlos and Baergub, meanwhile were only too eager to take advantage of the barbarian’s recent victory in the Festival of the Storm, with several traders recognizing “The Direfist,” and offering him drinks and meals just for the privilege of knowing the man. This, along with Ryder’s musical tales of their most recent adventures, ended the night with food, ale and song in the travelers’ tavern.

Upon the morning, Baergub seemed too drunken to rouse, having consumed a bit too much the night before.

After breakfast, the group met Rock-Rock and several of the Wildhunt Rangers outside, who escorted them into the Longtooth District, in a regimented fashion. This district was much more strict and structured, and as they made their way over path and bridge to the West Gate, they were met by more than a dozen shifter guards, who encouraged the group to head into the upper cave tunnels instead of the city’s front door.

The trip took several hours, as the rangers led the party through the tunnels, but eventually they made their way to a cliff which overlooked the machinations of five impressive trebuchets, each launching pitch-soaked stone boulders at the city’s western walls.

Rock-Rock, acting on instructions from Chief Hardspine, explained that the rangers could not help the Guild, and wished them good luck.

Annoyed but determined, the party entered the forest closest to the siege engines, and Ryder disguised himself as a goblin. Sneaking carefully to the tents just east of the trebuchets, the bard lit the tents aflame, igniting the camp before being noticed, and subsequently chased back into the forest by a dozen of the goblin grunts.

Vorlos and Guin charged forward, with Vorlos drawing as many of the goblins and hobgoblins as he could, and Guin tossing a bottle of Alchemist Fire on each siege engine as they passed, cutting through stragglers. Ryder appeared soon after, with Vorlos’ bow in hand, rushing to aid his companions, but was overwhelmed during the fighting, knocking him unconscious.

With four trebuchets aflame, and with no more bottle of fire to utilize, Vorlos, beaten and bloodied, kicked one of the remaining goblins into raging flames on the ground, and then spearing the blazing, screaming creature before tossing him onto the final siege weapon, igniting it before tossing another of the goblins onto it “just to be sure.”

Vorlos lifted the unconscious bard onto his weary shoulders, and rushed towards the forest, but they hesitated as, emerging from the first blazing trebuchet, a large, imposing hobgoblin captain marched forward, with the image of a translucent red-cloaked figure behind him, seemingly guiding his actions.

More concerned with having completed their task and surviving the day, the Guild routed to the east and back into the forest, met by several of the rangers who expressed their amazement at the group’s prowess. The rangers led them back to the tunnel overhang, where they were able to bind their wounds before leading them back into the city.

S1: Episode 6 - Little Blue Cubes
Danger appears in unexpected ways...


City of Lansing – Northern Tetradias

Sandsar/Month IV, 933 HKV

While conversing with the members of Sorem’s Travelling Troupe, the Whiteflame Guild was introduced by Guin to Ryder, a bard whom the rogue had hired to write a play about the group’s adventures. Ryder seemed pleased to tag along, and mentioned that following individuals with such skill was sure to yield some interesting results.

Their meal was interrupted by a Shifter runner, bolting southward past the camp and into the city, only slowing slightly to cry out, breathlessly.


After glancing at one another, The group, along with Rayleesh and Dakka, swiftly followed, eventually making their way to Sheriff Tane Bonebreaker’s office. Breaker and his deputy, Shadow, calmed the runner down enough for him to explain that a large force of goblins had landed on the western coast of Tetradias, and was headed westward.

Ryder and Baergub were quick to investigate, asking if the runner had, perhaps, seen any creatures that looked like a cross between something that might be construed to be a bear, and something like a bug.

The joke was lost on the panicked runner, unfortunately.

The Guild also noticed several small, blue cubes which were sitting upon a contraband shelf behind the Sheriff, but initially didn’t think much of it.

Anticipating a coming attack, Vorlos volunteered to prepare the town as best as he could for a coming invasion, to which Breaker agreed. Asking for money to hire the remaining adventurers, Breaker explained that funds were handled by the owner of Lansing Sundries, Vzani Oleander.

For her part, Shadow left the office to organize scouts to alert of advance parties headed towards Lansing.

The group headed to the sundries store, and met with the deceptively perky halfling, Vzani, who was rather incredulous about their warnings of danger, and a coming army. At Breaker’s insistence, however, she finally gathered together two thousand pieces of gold, which Vorlos quickly realized was not smart to be carrying about.

Vorlos also noticed another blue cube sitting on a shelf behind the halfling, which Baergub asked to see. Casting Detect Magic on the object, the dwarven druid was able to detect a strong magical concentration of Evocation magic within the cube, and also noticed, possibly for the first time, the strong magic on Vorlos staff and boots, as well as Bathsheba’s blade.

Impatient with the Guild, Vzani asked if the dwarf was going to be purchasing the cube or not. Baergub responded he didn’t need it. Annoyed, Vzani agreed to keep the gold with her, but to have it available should the need arise, and shooed the party out the door.

The group convinced the guards to gather the adventuring captains, and all met in the Tooth and Nail, where Vorlos had held his impromptu gathering the night before.

While there, Baergub noticed another small, blue cube, sitting on a shelf behind the bar. This time, he reached over and picked it up, simply tossing the cube into the street, hoping for some kind of response. There was no effect, so Vorlos simply retrieved the cube and held onto it.

Eventually, several of the adventuring captains made their way into The Tooth and Nail, and the party explained the situation. There were several murmurs of disagreement and even outright doubt, but when the party offered each man two gold per day, six of them were interested, with a total of four hundred men.

Ryder, hoping to persuade more, sang a song of magical persuasion, which caused two others to turn their heads, and offer three hundred more men to the cause, which brought the final tally up to seven hundred.

With a possible force in hand, the party headed back to the Arrow’s Flight, except for Vorlos, who hoped to speak with the Sheriff, but instead only spoke with the deputy, Shadow, with Breaker out on patrol. She agreed to reach out to the barbarian as soon as she received word.

That night, the Barbarian headed out into the company of the Travelling Troupe, and slept underneath the stars after a mighty prayer to both Thor and Odin.

Upon the morning, Vorlos noticed that the blue cube he had taken with him from The Tooth and Nail the night before was suddenly pulsating with energy. He used the ability of the Queda Staff of Rithonne to determine what the energy was, and though he couldn’t quite understand the complex magic within the item, he could tell that it was designed to explode, and explode violently.

He threw the cube into the nearest forest as far as he could, before sprinting back into town and informing the others.

Quickly, the party split up, running in multiple directions, and gathering cubes from every place that they could remember. Baergub informed the guards of what to look for, and they combed through the city, finding several of the items. The cube was retrieved from Vzani’s shop, and Vorlos and Baergub rushed the items out to the north of the city.

Bathsheba made her way to the armories, but despite searching intently, couldn’t find anything at Tavon’s Smithy. When she made her way to The Forge, however, she was also unable to see any such item, almost just annoying the gnomish proprietor, who questioned why the adventurer was poring through his establishment.

“I can’t find it,” explained Bathsheba with resignation. “Which means you’re probably going to explode.”

Her words were proven true not five minutes later, as she passed by the Rusty Copper, which exploded with violence and shrapnel, a piece of which crashed into her head, dazing her.

Explosions rocked throughout the city, as well as to the north, where Baergub and Vorlos had tossed the cubes they had found. Mayhem followed the violence as a fire brigade went to work attempting to put out the dozens of fires blazing throughout the city’s wooden structures.

The worst blow, however, came when the adventuring captains explained more than half of their men had been killed or vaporized in the ensuing blasts, and there was no way for them to instigate a response.

The smokey night was dark with despair and pain.

Vorlos spoke with Teresa the druid the next day, who explained that, though she could not identify the source of the cubes, she could tell that such magic was not goblin-made, and that the goblins likely were not the constructors of these magical devices.

In the morning, Shadow informed the Sheriff and the Guild of her scouts’ reports – The goblin invaders were headed straight for Tetradias, and this ignited motivation in the party. Seeing the length of time that an overland route would require, they opted to purchase passage aboard a sailing vessel, paying one-hundred and twenty five gold pieces for the swiftest ship they could find.

They were insistent upon taking their horses, and were soon off to the north, crossing the Andromede Bay before heading up the River Tetra directly to the city of Tetradias.

Ten miles from the city, however, the sailors insisted that they go no further, and the party was forced to protect the ship as they unloaded the horses from the hold. Luckily, they only encountered a small scouting party, and were able to strike most of them down.

One goblin scout, however, escaped, prompting the party to quickly mount their horses, and gallop swiftly for the city, and hopefully towards safety.


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