Guin Talford


I have two goals – to get rich yet again, and to find a family heirloom that was stolen from me.

Known Associates

Baergub Baradum | Bathsheba | Vorlos Direfist

Background Notes

Criminal, Blackmailer

  • Personality Trait – I don’t pay attention to the risks in a situation. Never tell me the odds.
  • IdealFreedom. Everyone is free to choose what they would.
  • Bond – My family’s heirloom dagger was stolen. I aim to get it it back.
  • Flaw – I love money, and the fine things that it can buy.

Miscellaneous Notes

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Character History

The Whiteflame Guild Questionnaire

1. How old are you?

Thirty-one years old.

2. Tell me about your family life. Are you parents still alive? Who raised you? Siblings? What do they do?

The Talford Family is one of the most notable shipping magnates in Portertown. As one of the potential heiresses of the Talford empire, I was raised with poise and grace, though I was often treated as little more than a bargaining chip, to assure some potential marriage of funds.

This is something I completely understand, as money is power, and more money means more power.

My parents… Are not alive. They, along with my husband, met in a tragic accidental fire that engulfed our family’s grand opera house. I have not seen my dear sister since that devastating day.

3. Explain your closest relationships, especially those that you’ve dated or courted. (We all have ’em.)

My late husband, Count van Drake, was tragically lost during the fire that destroyed the Talford Opera House. I am left with little comfort but his money, though even that is locked away out of my reach due to business and politics.

4. What social class are you from? How has that shaped who you are?

The Talfords stand for wealth, and still do, in some circles. While my parents’ holdings are still being managed by the nobles in charge, my parents’ name still holds great weight.

It was a name that served me well for many years, but as of now, it’s more of a liability in my current line of work.

5. How did you get started doing what you do now? (Your character class.)

Sometimes, a girl just has to do what a girl has to do.

6. Who is your greatest hero or inspiration?

Honestly, I haven’t found such a person. Perhaps it might be one of the Seven Sisters, but I have yet to find a person in Lusionia who might yet inspire me to any lofty values.

7. What precious items do you carry with you always?

I’ve modified my late mother’s black and purple leather corset to function as a surprisingly durable armor. It’s a reminder of what my experience has led to – restraint, the grip of power, and a pointed application of pain.

8. How do religion and prophesy play into your life?

I respect others, and their beliefs, but much as the tenets of my god proclaims, I don’t much care.

9. What do you feel about magic?

Magic certainly has it’s place, but I believe that there’s nothing that magic can do that I can’t do myself.

10. Tell me about your dealings with the military.

I’d be willing to accept a mission or two if the coin was worth my time.

11. Tell me about your run-ins with the law.

As of yet, I’ve had no such dealings, and I intend to keep it that way.

12. Who is your greatest confidant?

Myself – I could tell me anything.

13. Tell me about someone in your past you’d prefer to avoid. Who, and why?

My late husband’s mother, the former Lady van Drake. She’s someone I wouldn’t want to run into at a summer social, let alone in a dark alley.

14. When you finally leave this life (hopefully a long time from now), what do you want to have been known for?

I would like to be well-regarded for the good work that I have done, such as giving money to the poor. As well, I would hope to one day establish a great center of learning.

15. You see a large bar of gold sitting in the street, and no one else seems to notice it. You think you have a moment before anyone else sees. What do you do?

I take it, of course.

16. Which side of the bed do you roll out of? How come?

Well, that really depends on if someone has crossed me recently, and whether or not their willing to make recompense.

17. Of the following choices, choose one at the expense of the rest: WEALTH. POWER. RESPECT. WISDOM. STRENGTH. FRIENDSHIP.


18. Tell me about your recent history.

After discovering that the Teloth Family Dagger, my dagger, had been stolen, I joined into the Whiteflame Guild in hopes of discovering a lead. (That’s certainly cleaner than taking a job from The White Hand of God, or even marrying someone. Again.)

I also bid farewell to my most recent lover of two months, Lady Channelle Ratnayake. Though she was concerned of my most recent ambition in recovering my property, she was respectful of my decision. I hope to return to see her again soon.

Guin Talford

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