Lusionia’s history is difficult to nail down completely prior to the Great Storm War, especially with a rather unreliable written narrative. This history is written with the best of our knowledge.

The Before Time 30000-10000 AE
  • Elves and Gnomes dominate the forested areas throughout southern Lusionia, establishing great cities surrounding the Moarland Plains, in any forested areas.

  • Dwarves begin to appear in the southern Nhalam Mountains in scattered communities, and eventually lay claim to cities within this region.

  • Dragonborn rove through the Moarland Plains, and begin to establish hunting clans all through the south.

  • Giants roam the eastern Nhalam Valley.

  • The dragonborn wars begin, as the race attempts to claim from the Elves their self-determined birthright. These devastating wars push on every side of the Plains as the Elves fight to keep the Dragonborn contained.

  • After much destruction, the Elves are forced to cede their eastern lands to the Dragonborn in return for a cease of hostilities.
  • The Founding Ages 10000-4000 AE
  • The Dwarven city of Nhalam is founded, and its nation begins to grow within the caves and surrounding mountains.

  • Humans begin to appear and settle in the northeastern regions, eventually migrating to the Sharpe Sea, away from the Elvish forests, the Dwarven mountains, and the Dragonborn plains.

  • The human cities of Delta Potamos, Borras Io, and Notos Io are founded along the various banks of the Sharpe Sea.
  • The Age of Kopul-Vul 4000-2000 AE
  • The Nation of Kopul-Vul begins at the center of western Lusionia.

  • The Kopul-Vulans create the Ironborne, a race of stone, steel and wooden constructs which act as sentries and law enforcement throughout the nation.
  • The True Age 2000-1 AE
  • The Great Storm War begins, as The Nation of Kopul-Vul is the most powerful force in Lusionia, enacting their will against all who may oppose them through the Ironborne and personal treachery.

  • The Human nations around Sharpe Sea seek aid from the Dragonborn, as a way of fighting back against the Ironborne forces.

  • A combined line of Elvish, Dwarven, Human and Dragonborn forces hold the Ironborne from invading the southern kingdoms.

  • A group of humans, hoping to combat the superior Kopul-Vulan forces, begin to experiment with lycanthropy

  • The adventurers known as “The True Ones” enter into the nation of Kopul-Vul with a small combined force, hoping to end the conflict.
  • The twenty year storm0 HKV
  • The Great Storm of Kopul-Vul
  • Stormfade 1-300 HKV
  • The lycanthrope refuge of Tetradias is established in the far north, away from the southern kingdoms.

  • Surviving Ironborne, now known as “The Warforged”, exodus across the mountains, eventually establishing a city called Shethsari in the east, meaning “Forsaken.”

  • The Dragonborn tribes, united by their efforts during the Shifter Wars, lay claim to the eastern lands of Lusionia, inhabiting the eastern Maorland plains all the way north into the southeastern Nhalams.

  • The Dragonborn found the city of Therwohr, and begin acting as an eastern buffer against possible Warforged resurgency, hunting down rogue groups who seek to invade their territory.
  • Rebuilding 300-600 HKV
  • The Wizard Vrashna attacks the grand Festival of Sweets in the city of Chaine, in an attempt to steal the Sword of Andolus, but is repelled by an unknown group of adventurers.

  • Ascent alchemists discover and begin production of Mediera and Mediera Poultices, which become a primary shipping product from the islands.

  • Yemoja the Sorceress and Aker the Lion Warrior arrive on the isles of Ascent with an army of eastern forces and overthrow the Summit Kingdom.
  • The Empress Wars 600-900 HKV
  • The Regalia War envelops the southern kingdoms of Lusionia, as Elderin, Maorland and Borras fight back against the self-proclaimed Empress of Tarranus.

  • The Ascent Revolution frees the Summit Nation, allowing free trade between the aquatic society of the western isles and the elves of the western forest.

  • Forces from Elderin and Ascent, push back against the tide, defeating the Empress’ forces in the Battle of Elderin.

  • The final battle of Tarranus sees Empress Forces making a final stand within the Hollow Valley – A large explosion of mystical powers destroys the Empress’ headquarters, decimating her forces.

  • The Regalia War ends. The Hollow Valley is renamed Empress Hollow, and is forced to begin rebuilding.

  • Rumblings of conflict begin within the Tetradian Empire.
  • 933 HKV
  • The Cult of the Dragon attacks Teloth, for reasons unknown.

  • Lansing is attacked by an unknown group through the use of mystical explosives.

  • Vghotan forces invade the western coast of the Tetradian Empire.

  • The Guardians of Tetradias are able to repel the Vghotan, killing most outright, and scattering survivors from the city.

  • The Artifact is retrieved from the Temple of Thokk
  • These notes are taken from the Jora Traveler’s Handbook, and may or may not be completely accurate.


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