House Rules

This just a listing of random house rules and concepts that are accepted as part of Tales of Lusionia

  • Heroic Inspiration
    • Each time that the characters level up, they will be provided inspiration coins equal to their level, up to five at once.
    • An inspiration coin can be used on any roll to add an extra 1d6 to that roll.
    • Inspiration coins can be used after a dice has been thrown, but before knowing the outcome of the roll.
    • Inspiration coins may also be awarded for strong roleplay or just plain awesome actions and whatnot.

Damage Types

  • Physical Types
    • Slashing
    • Piercing
    • Bludgeoning
  • Magical Types
    • Acid
    • Fire
    • Cold
    • Poison
    • Necrotic
    • Radiant
    • Lightning
    • Psychic
    • Thunder
    • Force

House Rules

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