This is to be a short summary of who your character is, and what they stand for, or what their goals are.

Known Associates

For several years Ryder hasn’t associated with many other than for work, after his job is done he usually just leaves. But his current job has landed him on an adventure that he finds fun.

Background Notes

Ryder is really just a traveling bard, who has a big mouth and sometimes says things he shouldn’t. Which is what got him wanted by a noble who’s out for revenge against him. Authority really annoys him as well, so being sarcastic around authority figures is something he does a lot.

Miscellaneous Notes

If there’s anything else that doesn’t quite fit in the other sections, go ahead and toss it here.

Character History

The Whiteflame Guild Questionnaire

The better you are at answering these questions, the better you’ll know your character. Try to be honest, and it’s usually best to answer these in the voice of your character, the the way that he/she would answer.

1. How old are you?

Twenty-two years old.

2. Tell me about your family life. Are you parents still alive? Who raised you? Siblings? What do they do?

Myt family life was pretty boring – I grew up in a small village. My parents are still alive, but I doen’t like to talk to them or about them much.

3. Explain your closest relationships, especially those that you’ve dated or courted. (We all have ’em.)

My closest relationships… My closest would be my first girlfriend back when I was only sixteen. I was pretty naïve back then, and thought it was “true love.” After that breakup I’ve been pretty loose with my relationships – You know, being part of multiple one night stands. So the usual.

4. What social class are you from? How has that shaped who you are?

My family wasn’t exactly poor, but we weren’t wealthy enough to afford too many luxuries. Being looked down upon by those of “high class”… Could be why I’m not much for authority figures.

5. How did you get started doing what you do now? (Your character class.)

I wanted an excuse to leave home, and took a family lute and away I went onto the open road. Music came rather naturally to me, so it seemed like the best idea. On my travels, I took up a few lessons with the sword here and there as I came across the opportunity.

6. Who is your greatest hero or inspiration?

It used to be my father growing up, but after leaving my home, I suppose the shine has faded – I don’t much look up to him as much as I once did.

7. What precious items do you carry with you always?

My lute reminds me of my family, and so it is rather… special to me.

8. How do religion and prophesy play into your life?

I don’t actively worship any of the gods, and am really not all that religious in general.

9. What do you feel about magic?

I love it! Music itself is magic of a kind, and I’ve found as my talents have improved, it often has a life of its own, with the spells of my verse acting to change the world in the way I desire.

10. Tell me about your dealings with the military.

I never joined.

11. Tell me about your run-ins with the law.

I’ve had plenty of them, but most were just the usual finger-waving about mocking nobles, or simply playing where I was told not to.

12. Who is your greatest confidant?

When you travel alone as much as I do, you don’t have too many people you can talk to. But, I suppose that could always change.

13. Tell me about someone in your past you’d prefer to avoid. Who, and why?

Though I’m loathe to admit it, I’d rather not face my family at the moment. Also, there’s that noble that wants me dead, whatever his name is… It’d be best not to run into him either.

14. When you finally leave this life (hopefully a long time from now), what do you want to have been known for?

Music and inspiration. What more do the people need of me?

15. You see a large bar of gold sitting in the street, and no one else seems to notice it. You think you have a moment before anyone else sees. What do you do?

Pfffft, take it. Traveling isn’t cheap, you know.

16. Which side of the bed do you roll out of? How come?

I suppose to the left. No real reason.

17. Of the following choices, choose one at the expense of the rest: WEALTH. POWER. RESPECT. WISDOM. STRENGTH. FRIENDSHIP.

My first answer would be Wealth. Possibly Respect. But deep down, I would have to say Friendship – Never really had that before. There are certainly times when I’ve gone along with a group if only to try and find the friendship that I’ve been looking for.

18. Tell me about your recent history.

This last month has really been one of famine, which I’m not all that fond of. So when Ms. Talford propositioned a partnership to write her a play, I took it without hesitation, of course. Gold is life. But I had no idea it was going to lead to such an… Interesting adventure.


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