The Jora Traveler's Handbook

Magic Item – Uncommon

Humbly stated, The most important book ever written.


The Jora Traveler’s Handbook

When the user of this book makes a history check, he or she always does so with advantage.


The Jora Traveler’s Handbook is the most popular traveler’s guide throughout Lusionia, just before the Shukare Almanac and the DP University Compendium. Unlike its competitors, the JTH is updated with any and all information found, including legends, tales, rumors, and even just good ideas, and as such, has often been criticized for its perceived lack of veracity.

However, this tendency to add any and all new information has provided two distinct advantages over both “The Almanac” and “The Compendium” – The Handbook is always current, both to its credit and detriment. The Handbook is also much more fun to read.

While the JTH’s first edition was released in 856 HKV, new information often supplants past entries, which can sometimes make histories unreliable. There is a potent magical energy within the volume, and a single entry can sometimes be completely different upon subsequent readings.

An interesting feature of The Handbook is that it will often update itself to reflect those entries which are most important to the reader. People, items, and places that the reader has encountered will often be updated and added to the book, even without any extra effort. This feature has proven extremely useful for travelers to remember organizations and dangers that they may have otherwise forgotten.

The Jora Traveler’s Handbook is named after the god of travel, Jora, who it is known has a soft spot for humanity. The book is written to his credit. All Handbooks are published and imprinted with the seal of the Boot and Lyre, the symbols of the god of travel.

The Jora Traveler's Handbook

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