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Background Notes

Background: Criminal
Specialty: Hired Killer; Mashed Potatoes

Personality Traits: I have psychopathic tendencies. I lack empathy and compassion and am ruthless when it comes to getting what I want. Although I am ruthless, I am not reckless and am very calculated in everything that I do. I adhere to my own rules to ensure that what I do is clean and always seeks to improve me and my stature in one way or another. Thus, I generally abstain from killing children, the weak, and the defenseless (unless I am hired to do so) and performing unnecessary crime as it doesn’t benefit me and can often bring unwarranted attention to me. I am abnormally patient for a sociopath, as I believe that being too rash can lead to nasty situations. It’s best to blend in. I get easily bored and, it seems, killing people satisfies that boredom unlike any other stimulus I have encountered. Part of the reason why I am a mercenary for hire.

Ideal: There are two things in this world that I value very deeply. I value my body, my vessel, and I am seeking to make it last for eternity and I value the death of a specific individual. I seek revenge on the necromancer that tried to pry me from my vessel and steal it for his own purposes. He tried to take my precious life and I will take his in return.

Bonds: I have little in the way of bonds. I am a mercenary for hire and often deal with aristocrats and jealous family members and victims of some crime or other. I guess my greatest “bond” is with the necromancer Seraphis and his clan of miscreants and cowards. He attempted to take my life and my body and I will never rest until I have sucked the life from his miserable being.

Flaws: I’m a sociopath.

Miscellaneous Notes


Character History

The Whiteflame Guild Questionnaire

1. How old are you?


2. Tell me about your family life. Are you parents still alive? Who raised you? Siblings? What do they do?

I’m sure I had a family at one point, but I do not remember them nor do I really care. The clan fed me some story about being sold to them, but I’m not stupid. Given the way the clan operates, I’m sure they slaughtered more than their fair share in the village I come from and snatched away whatever healthy children they could find.

3. Explain your closest relationships, especially those that you’ve dated or courted. (We all have ’em.)

I don’t have any relationships. I use people for my own personal gain, but I don’t get attached to or have feelings for anyone. Any loyalty people believe they have from me is simply a facade so I can use them for my own purposes.

4. What social class are you from? How has that shaped who you are?

I am a part of the underbelly of society. It serves it’s purpose and keeps me employed and keeps me entertained for the time being. I’m using it at the moment to track the whereabouts of a certain necromancer that needs to be dispatched.

5. How did you get started doing what you do now? (Your character class.)

When I fled the clan, I had nothing of value except for my honed and disciplined body. Desperate for money, I sold the skills I was taught and have sharpened to a deadly point to whomever needed a dirty deed carried out. I have been in the business of killing people for money ever since. It keeps me entertained and provides a very steady income as well as access to whispers that can lead me to the clan members I seek to destroy.

6. Who is your greatest hero or inspiration?


7. What precious items do you carry with you always?


8. How do religion and prophesy play into your life?

It seems I am at odds with the gods. They want minions to carry out their bidding. I want to be a god. Conflict of interests.

9. What do you feel about magic?

Magic is the only way that I can create an eternal vessel. I will do anything to obtain that power over life and death. It’s also rather exciting to watch someone’s face melt to the ground.

10. Tell me about your dealings with the military.

I’ve assassinated my fair share of corrupt officers and deserters from the military. Other than that, I usually prefer to avoid them. My profession and theirs don’t really get along.

11. Tell me about your run-ins with the law.

I’m very careful with my work. I haven’t been caught more than a few times and the unlucky bastards who cross me in the middle of my work have met some rather untimely deaths.

12. Who is your greatest confidant?

Nobody. I don’t trust other people.

13. Tell me about someone in your past you’d prefer to avoid. Who, and why?

I don’t necessarily want to avoid him, but I know that my skills are not quite up to par to take out his entire clan. I’m simply biding my time until I am ready to kill Seraphis

14. When you finally leave this life (hopefully a long time from now), what do you want to have been known for?

I don’t plan on leaving this life and I don’t care what people know me for. People’s perception of my life and my deeds are not my concern.

15. You see a large bar of gold sitting in the street, and no one else seems to notice it. You think you have a moment before anyone else sees. What do you do?

I take it. Obviously, someone wasn’t very careful with their belongings. Not my problem. The gold is probably better used for my own devices anyway.

16. Which side of the bed do you roll out of? How come?

I am always facing the entrance of my room. I have many enemies and I would hate to be unprepared if they decided to visit. I roll out towards the exit.

17. Of the following choices, choose one at the expense of the rest: WEALTH. POWER. RESPECT. WISDOM. STRENGTH. FRIENDSHIP.


18. Tell me about your recent history.



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