Domains Protection, Justice and Abjuration
Alignment Lawful Good
Other Names The Protector, Septu, Suwamyojin, The Great Shield, Harbinger
Associated Races Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Dragonborn and all good and neutral Paladins
Symbols Shield with a Half-Black, Half-White Field

The shield stands as a wall between order and chaos, its sturdiness determined solely by the strength of the arm that wields it.

History & Personality

Galdumyrk is the god of protection, and as such, many noble guards, soldiers, and paladins emblazon their shields with the black and white of his symbol, hoping for his favor in their pursuits to protect those that they serve. He is known for his righteous sense of justice, and his ability to discern right from wrong in any situation.

Often found in company with Strykerd, Galdumyrk provides the hot-headed warrior with a tempered sense of rationality and strategy, preventing the more impulsive god of fire to leap head-first into danger without thought or wisdom. Whereas Strykerd is often more interested in vengeance, and in enacting his wrath upon offenders, Galdumyrk is more reasonable, seeking justice for wrongdoing, but not to the extreme measures of his oft-time companion.

Infamously regarded for his impartiality and fairness, Galdymyrk is also a very lonely individual among the Assembly, preferring his solitude, as he often finds the disputes of the gods to be tiresome and petty.

He does, however, possess a strong dislike of actions performed by Gods of the Dusk, and has reacted with swiftness to protect mortals from their influences and plots. His actions, though, have often been stymied by the unwillingness to skirt the Eternal Law, and so he as quite often been forced to watch, pained, as mortals make mistakes of their own volition.


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