Lansing is the main southern town of the Tetradian Empire, marking the border where the southern kingdom’s influence ends, and Tetradias begins. It also operates as a port and trading place for goods to travel between the reclusive Weretouched and their southern neighbors.

Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Population 1280
Demographics Shifter 30%, Human 30%, Dwarf 15%, Other 20%, Elf 5%
Environment Coastal forest, dark foliage and significant winter snows.
Economy Fishing, Glassblowing, Farming, Hunting, Tourism, Trading, and Unmentionable Activities


  • Originally a border town, established by humans who were both adverse to Shifters after the Storm of Kopul-Vul, as well as those wary of their similarities with the Changeling Kopul-Vulian race.
    • Has since become a trading port and living place for ruffians, scoundrels, and thieves who wish to live outside of the influence of the southern kingdoms.
    • While Portertown is the more “respectable” western port of Lusionia, Lansing is often known as the “Scoundrel Port,” and as such, is often rather lawless.
  • Was built initially to be a shipping port and fort, meant for easy resupply through water from Borjalai. That practice has long since fallen out of favor.
  • Lansing is a rather dangerous place for “proper” folk, and is usually avoided by most respectable citizens.
  • The “city” is more of a sprawling settlement, with little governing structure excepting the southmost regiments of the Shifter Guard, but everyone and anyone is usually treated equally.
  • Elves are not usually prone to travel this far north, preferring the southern forests. As such, their appearances in Lansing are notable.
  • Lansing is notable throughout Lusionia for the holding of the annual “Festival of the Sand Gauntlet,” a battle competition celebrating the day that the sands of Kopul-Vul first began to spin, marking the end of the Kopul-Vul Wars.
    • The annual competition has three parts, each of which awards fantastic prizes:
      • The Bow – A competition of archery and marksmanship.
      • The Brawl – A competition of unarmed combat.
      • The Blade – A competition of armed combat.
    • Competitors, and more importantly, victors of the The Gauntlet are often treated with great respect, and even adoration.


  • A relatively accepting town where most people aren’t bothered about their past, as long as they don’t cause too much of a problem.
  • Barfights and backalley deals gone bad are generally the biggest problems in the city, though occasionally monster attacks from the east come up to cause trouble, but the Shifter Rangers usually handle those before they get to the city.
  • Significant organized crime, but that’s to be expected. Lansing is generally considered to be a “neutral zone” refuge, of sorts, and so most of the groups don’t cause too much trouble within the city.
  • Buildings are mostly wood from old ships and parts, as well as a large group of stone buildings near the waterfront which were built by the initial settlement.
  • Roads throughout the city are stone-paved, originally by the initial settlement, but usually as a necessity to buffett against the spring rainstorms.
  • There is often a healthy snowfall over the city during the winter months.
  • There is no real “black market” in Lansing, as most every market in the city can be found populated with illicit goods.


  • Waterfront
    • Wharfmaster: Moea Dockmaster (Razorclaw)
    • One of the rougher parts of town, especially after dark.
    • DOCK 1: Sea Stripe
    • DOCK 3: Ocean’s Tail
  • Weretouched Garrison
    • Militia and Shifter Guard HQ
    • Closest thing to a “town hall” that the city has.
    • Sheriff: Tane Bonebreaker (Longtooth)
    • Deputy: Aiata Shadowstep (Longtooth)
  • Market Square
    • Open air market near the waterfront
    • Six days per week.
  • Tavon’s Smithy
    • Run by a young, tough, but eager human female smith named Mika Tavon.
    • Last real smith in the city, but is working on quickly expanding.
    • Has some simple weapons in stock, but doesn’t keep many on-hand. Proficient in building armor.
    • Shifter smiths are excellent at leatherworking.
    • Generally charges less than the other smiths in town, and takes slightly longer, but is usually the best-quality in the city.
    • Does all work herself, and so most weapon orders take a day. Armor will take longer – Currently in shortages.
  • Lansing Sundries
    • Run by Vzani Oleander (Halfling, Female)
    • Will buy blackmarket goods
    • Have all goods in the PHB in good supply, no shortages
    • Few simple weapons
  • The Tooth and Nail
    • A solid stone building, repurposed using the original Lansing military sleeping quarters.
    • Easily the best inn in town, but also the most expensive.
    • Has a large meeting hall.
    • 1 gold per night.
  • Arrow’s Flight
    • Tavern and Inn – popular with adventurers and travellers.
    • Only tavern that is still “outsider-friendly”
    • Named for the original owner, Tapunui Whistleshot’s significant marksmanship.
    • Most popular tavern in Lansing
    • 3 silver per night
    • NPCs often found here:
      • Deputy Aiata Shadowstep (Longtooth)
      • Bouncer Keothi Massri (Goliath)


  • Sheriff Tane “The Breaker” Bonebreaker
    • Longtooth Shifter, definitely an “alpha.”
    • Brash, bold, and more concerned with simply keeping peace maintained instead of worrying about political fallout from his decisions.
    • Very much a rough-and-tumble character.
  • Deputy Aiata “Shadow” Shadowstep
    • More cunning and socially-savvy than her counterpart, Aiata is often the voice of reason for the Sheriff.
    • Much more prone to dealing with situations with words than deeds, she is nonetheless extremely skilled in tough situations.
  • Wharfmaster Moea Dockmaster
    • Razorclaw Shifter, she is brash and independent
    • Unusually fond of the sea, especially for a shifter.
  • Mika Tavon
    • An independant human smith, Mika is the best armorsmith in the northern lands, though she’s often considered “Lansing’s Best-Kept Secret” in the armoring world.
    • Charges less than other smiths for special orders, but often takes longer to complete work.
    • Currently the only professional smith in the city.
  • Vzani Oleander
    • Owner/operator of Lansing Sundries, she is fluent in black market dealings and prices, and can generally find you just about anything that you’re looking for, given the gold and the time.
    • Unusually perky personality, which hides a greed and respect for coin above all else.

Former Locations

  • Grasswood Provisioners DESTROYED in Blue Cube Terror Attack
    • Run by Markus Brightwater (Human, Male)
    • Food store
    • Business is successful, well liked by their customers
    • Criminals often take care to protect Brightwater’s shop.
  • Rusty Copper DESTROYED in Blue Cube Terror Attack
    • Tavern and Small Inn – Open to the public, but more prone to a specific clientele, usually criminals.
    • Several back rooms often used as safehouses and rotgut rooms.
  • Jack’s Imports DESTROYED in Blue Cube Terror Attack
    • Run by Zaidi Vadu (female Tiefling), taken over from a human named Jack who retired twenty years ago.
    • Finest retail establishment in the city.
    • Deals in gemstones, jewelry, art and magic and mechanical trinkets.
    • Will not ask questions about where something came from.
    • Will by/sell just about anything, including some magic items.
  • Irongull’s DESTROYED in Blue Cube Terror Attack
    • Run by old dwarf named Sabakzar Irongull
    • All weapons available for sale, all martial weapons take one day, 50% upfront.
  • The Forge DESTROYED in Blue Cube Terror Attack
    • Run by a wild-eyed gnome named Reznik Janda
    • Janda’s second is a Razorclaw named Nightshade, who keeps the other shifter smiths in line.
      • All weapons available for sale, many martial weapons available, but Reznik often charges a higher upkeep charge for “day of” sales. Proficient in building armor.

Previous NPCs

  • Sabakzar Irongull DECEASED – Killed in Blue Cube Terror Attack
    • Dwarf smith who runs the long-time family business of Irongull’s, with his son, Bakzaron “Zaron” Irongull.
    • A no-nonsense fellow who simply provides strong, well-crafted weaponry for solid prices.
  • Reznik Janda DECEASED – Killed in Blue Cube Terror Attack
    • A gnome who kindled friendship with a Razorclaw named Nightshade, both of whom have a talent for smithing talent.
    • She is easily the largest supplier of arms in southern Tetradias.
    • A talented smith, and a ruthless businesswoman, she strives to keep significant stock on-site.
  • Ro’ono Nightshade DECEASED – Killed in Blue Cube Terror Attack
    • Razorclaw Shifter who prefers smithing to hunting, and is good at keeping the Longtooth smiths in line.
    • Serious and practical, he doesn’t much worry about frivolities, preferring those who know what they want.
  • Zaidi Vadu DECEASED – Killed in Blue Cube Terror Attack
    • As a tiefling, Zaidi is not often welcome in the southern kingdoms, but in Lansing, her presence isn’t given much thought.
    • Refined and professional, she is meticulous in maintaining Jack’s Imports as the finest retail establishment in the city.


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