Domains Beasts, Instinct, Carnality, and Swamps
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Other Names The Sloven, Cernunnos, The Boatman, The God of the Tusk
Associated Races Races of the underdark, evil druids, and any who believes in following the passions of nature to the exclusion of all else.
Symbols Boar’s Head with Stag’s Antlers

Passion must rule the souls of mortals, loosing the bonds of social order. Those who would speak of such lack of constraint as debauchery are simply those who must be brought into the true wisdom of base instinct.

History & Personality

Initially given purview only over the realm of beasts, Myrutto was always considered a rather distasteful god. He encouraged creatures to hold to their instincts, and only do that which they felt they should do, with no concern for others. This initially attracted the attention of the goddess, Turelon, who often spoke of the same beliefs.

The two entered into a mutual relationship, with Turelon in control of the flora, and Myrutto allowing the fauna to run free. For a time, they seemed to temper one another, allowing the world to continue on its way, as Myrutto’s love for Turelon kept his baser nature in-check.

But when Vinga appeared, she loathed that such a powerful creature was, to her judgement, being shackled by such an uninteresting goddess, and as such, she lured the bestial god away with carnal temptation, causing a betrayal of Turelon.

Furious at such a transgression and embarrassment, Turelon began to create poisons to Myrutto’s animals, things which would prove dangerous to his beloved creatures, but Vinga convinced him that this was a good thing, as it would only create even stronger, more resilient creatures for him to play with.

Eventually, Myrutto added his power to Aevilok during the godwars, and Vinga has continued to keep him wrapped around her finger evermore.


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