Domains Earth, Plants and Transmutation
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Other Names Joro, Ceres, Kishar, Gaia, Mother Nature
Associated Races Elves and Gnomes, but most especially Druids of any race
Symbols The Oak Tree

The world gives to all freely – This is its natural state. It is only selfishness which causes some to receive great bounty, while others receive nothing at all.

History & Personality

The youngest of the three “Sisters of Life,” Turelon is the creator of the physical world, and responsible for all that grows and flourishes from it. She is the goddess of natural growth, however, and sometimes has difficulty understanding the passions of her granddaughter, Eiosol, who seeks to help mortals to harvest the bounties of nature responsibly.

Her nature in insisting that plants be left to thrive made a pairing between her and Myrutto almost destined, and the two were together for centuries. However, Turelon was betrayed by her lover, and thus she has offered no special assistance to beasts ever since.

Turelon prefers to allow her plants to grow freely, choosing their own paths without the influence of mortals, which is why she often feels a kinship with druids, as well as Elves and Gnomes and other groups who do their best to live in harmony with the laws of nature.

Because of this, Turelon often grants her worshipers the abilities to alter the properties of the world around them, but not to destroy, which means that her effects are drawn from the school of transmutation, or the altering of matter from one natural state to another.

She is worshiped by those who wish to tune their lives with the purity of nature, but she prefers not to have the earth disturbed to build temples in her honor, and so followers of Turelon often gather in groves, forests, and other natural places to invoke her name.


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