Domains Fate, War and Destruction
Alignment True Neutral
Other Names Crom, The Conquering God, The Wise Warrior
Associated Races Goliaths, Humans, Dwarves and most Barbarians of any race
Symbols The Black Tower

War is not about justice, but about power. He whose strength is greatest is he who is most deserving, despite his cause. There is no other measure of a creature’s conviction.

History & Personality

The Leader of the Gods of Dusk, Aevilok is the elder brother of Vernd, who separated from the Assembly of light during the great godwars. Aevilok, who believed himself more worthy than his younger brother to lead the Assembly, rebelled against him, leading an assembly of his own against his former kin.

This war ended in the destruction of many gods, and led to the exile of those of the Dusk. Aevilok has since sworn his vengeance against the Assembly of Light, and often engages Vernd’s son, Strykerd, for this very purpose. So far, neither has ever emerged the victor, though their early battles were often ended prematurely by the interjection of Vernd’s power.

He is wed to Wondial, whom he believes holds the power of life and death itself in her hands, which he respects a great deal.

Aevilok is a cold, unforgiving god, who sees only strength and power as the true forces of existence, and the weak as little more than fodder for the strong. He lends his favor to those who seek the destruction of others, believing that strength is the true measure of fate, and that ideals have no part in existence.

He is worshiped by those who seek power in nearly any form, but often by Goliaths and Barbarian cultures.


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