Domains Water, Rage and Tempest
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Other Names Callisto, The Sorceress of the Sea, The Water Witch
Associated Races Any race of the sea, and those who sail upon the open waters.
Symbols Crashing Wave

Only the fool does not respect the power of the ocean when allowed to sail her waves.

History & Personality

Those who sail the open sea, or live beneath the waves, pay their eternal respects to Alsea. Known for her quickly-changing temper, Alsea is held in great esteem, even begrudgingly, for her ability to bend the waves to her will, often blessing mortals who extravagantly seek for her favor, and cursing those who dare to enter her storms and tempests.

Easily the most unpredictable of the gods, Alsea was given domain of the sea against the wishes of Vernd, but has proven to be more than capable of keeping the oceans and those within them under control.

Prior to the gods’ disappearance, she was worshiped by several cults and was honored by every sailor on the sea who wished to reach their destination. To this day, sailors often carry talismans that bear the symbol of the wave, in homage to Alsea.


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