Blue Cubes

Magic Item – Uncommon

These small, semi-translucent cubes look to be made out of blue crystal, and are generally dormant. However, upon “activation,” the cubes begin to pulse with a glowing light at an increasing rate until detonation.


Blue Cube

Range: Self (20-foot radius)
Duration: Instantaneous

Upon reaching the end of its “countdown,” the Blue Cube explodes, causing 10d10 force and fire damage to anyone within a 20-foot radius of the stone. Any flammable object within the blast, worn or otherwise, instantly bursts into flame.


Though the origin of the Blue Cubes are unknown, they have been seen in only two locations.

In Lansing, they were the cause of multiple explosions throughout the town during the Festival of the Sand (933 HKV). This caused massive casualties among the northern mercenary guilds, and left the town quite exposed in lieu of an oncoming goblin threat.

In Thokk, the Whiteflame Guild found a storeroom beneath the Temple of Vindur, with hundreds of said cubes within, though they seemed dormant. Bathsheba pocketed several of the cubes. Later, the sorceror, Spin, produced one of the cubes, which was glowing, and threatened the party with it.

Blue Cubes

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