Domains Nature, Hunting, Tracking and Crafts
Alignment True Neutral
Other Names Diana, SkaĆ°i, Neith, The Huntress, The Great Wolf, The Silver Wolf
Associated Races Hunters and Rangers of any race. Notably the only deity recognized by Shifters.
Symbols The Hunting Bow, Arrow Head

It falls to the brave to protect and provide, to seek out the dangers that reside in the wilds, and face them down unnoticed, so that others may be spared.

History & Personality

Partner of Strykerd, Bygghon is a formidable combatant in her own right, preferring the danger and thrill of the hunt to the fields of war that her husband enjoys.

While her mother, Turelon, was often obsessed with “The Natural Order,” the minor god, Bygghon, much preferred the adventure and passions of mortals, especially those who sought out the dangerous creatures throughout the land. She observes and watches over the grand hunting festivals of mortals, especially those of the Elven “Great Hunt,” and the Goliath Tribes “Quest for the Beast.”

Bygghon is a natural rival to Myrutto, son of Aevilok, as the latter often attempts to overrun mortal civilizations with the beasts of the world. The two gods are often at odds, with Bygghon’s hunters acting as a natural check to keep creature populations away. The two have battled endlessly over the years, but Bygghon is loathe to ask her husband, Strykerd, for assistance, preferring to handle such matters on her own.

Long ago, she taught mortals the fine points of bowmaking and archery, and has a special affinity for those who live their lives by the arrow. The crossbow, however, she regards as a perversion of the bow, and even as a coward’s weapon, wielded by rogues and ruffians with no true knowledge or respect of the hunt.

Able to change her appearance at will, she will often appear as a member of a hunting party to accompany and impart knowledge, often disappearing just as suddenly as she arrived. Other times, she will take upon herself the guise of a great silver wolf, watching over a hunting party from a distance.

Rangers and Hunters, especially Shifters, often wear talismans bearing bows and arrowheads upon their persons, though they do not worship her in a traditional way. Instead, they dedicate their hunts to either “The Huntress” or “The Great Wolf,” but do not expect any special favors for their prowess. To a hunter, the hunt is a measure of skill and will, and to expect success in any other way is dishonorable.


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