Domains Pure Death and Night
Alignment Neutral Good
Other Names The Grim Reaper, Hades, Hel, The Ferrymaster, Caretaker of the Fallen
Associated Races All races, but more especially those who show reverence for the dead.
Symbols One-Eyed Skull inside of a Crescent Moon

Death awaits all mortals, but such is the beginning of a longer, eternal journey, and the purity of that journey must be maintained.

History & Personality

As the second of “The Sisters of Life,” Chagatai worked with Tempo and Turelon in the ageless days to create the mortal world, and to define and cultivate the path of mortality. Whereas Turelon is seen often as the mother of all life, Chagatai is respected as the caretaker of all those whose lives have ended, ferrying them to their eternal rests.

Chagatai understands the importance of death in a mortal’s journey into eternity, and so was extremely saddened by the betrayal of her daughters, Wondial and Vinga. According to legend, Wondial faced Chagatai in open challenge concerning power over the dead, and Chagatai eventually proved triumphant. In defiance, however, Wondial caused a deep sleep to come upon Chagatai, and removed her left eye, taking from her an ability to fully “see” the Eternal Path.

Thus began the Exile of the Dusk Gods, and so began Chagatai’s single-minded goal to keep Wondial from perverting the Eternal Path.

In the Assembly of Light, Chagatai is recognized as a wise voice, though her perspective is often that of the grander design of the Path, and she is usually unconcerned with the particulars of mortal actions. She does, however, take exception to those who exercise the power of Wondial, as she sees such power as not only perversion of death itself, but as a misuse of her own power.

While not a vengeful goddess, Chagatai will often seek to confront those who greatly utilize such power, and not all such confrontations end peaceably.


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