Corona Blades

Magic Item – Very Rare

A pair of blue-steel blades, with remarkable etching along the fullers, and the symbol of Eiosol emblazoned upon the crossguards. Each is remarkably light, and seems to exude radiant energy into whomever is holding one.


Corona Blade

You gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon.

This longsword sheds light out to 20 feet, as a torch. It is warm to the touch, and deals 1d6 radiant damage to any fiend or undead it hits. As an action, the blade can be used to cast a Corona Beam.

Corona Beam

Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Self (30-foot line)
Duration: Instantaneous

A beam of radiant sunlight bursts from the tip of the blade, aimed in a 30-foot line from the wielder’s position. The wielder makes a ranged attack roll, and if successful, deals 1d10 radiant damage. Creatures harmed by sunlight take an additional 1d10 radiant damage from this beam.


The Corona Blades were presumably forged by the original members of The Blood Guard to be wielded in the service of Eiosol. Infused with runes of sunlight within them, the Guard plunged into the depths of crypts and caverns, battling with the undead in radiant fury. During the final battle against Samhain, the two blades were wielded by Sir Owen of Caliphas, as the leader of the Guard, and Lady Vastra of Eurn, as his second in command.

After Samhain was sealed into the Blood Guard Crypt, the two weapons were placed in preparation, should the demon ever find a way to escape, and these blades be needed to combat his bloody ambitions.

In Old Hallows Town, the members of The Whiteflame Guild wielded these blades to battle and finally destroy Samhain himself, before reluctantly returning them to Bartholomew Burton.

Corona Blades

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