Magic Item – Uncommon

A heavy bottle filled with a reddish liquid, always warm regardless of outside conditions.



Upon drinking a swig of the potion, the drinker has 1d6 rounds before being being “poisoned” (as per the condition), and then another 1d6 rounds (after this) before the concoction starts consuming them from the inside. The two numbers are written down by the DM after rolling (in secret), and can be confirmed after the fact.

After they are “poisoned,” though, the drinker may spend a bonus action to vomit forth a 15ft cone of burning, smoldering, white-hot napalm in front of themselves – The Napalm Belch.

Napalm Belch

Use Time: 1 bonus action
Range: Self (15-foot cone)
Duration: Instantaneous

Fiery napalm expels from the drinker, requiring a Dexterity save from any affected (DC 13 for half-damage). For every round that has occurred since drinking the potion, the damage roll increases by 1d8. (By example, keeping the potion ingested for five rounds will result in a 5d8 fire damage roll).

Any creature failing the save will additionally catch on fire as flaming goo splatters onto them, and will take 1d6 damage each round until they shake off they put out the flames and shake off the vomit (requiring one Action).

The drinker will lose the “poisoned” condition upon expunging the flame.

Failure to expunge the flame before the DM roll, however, turns the damage inward toward the drinker, no save, and the “poisoned” condition remains.


Dragonswill is made from a combination of deep arcane secrets regarding both evocation and abjuration, and is made through a very delicate process requiring three hours of working magic into a vial of pure red dragon glandular extract.

Its specific origin is unknown, but such “fire breathing” has been a common entertainment parlor trick in traveling entertainment groups for generations.

Baergub discovered a bottle of Dragonswill in The Blood Guard Crypt. How it arrived there is unknown.


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