Domains Light, Sun, Wisdom, Harvest
Alignment Neutral Good
Other Names The Goddess of Light, Demeter, Chicomecoatl, Iyatiku, The Goddess of Growth
Associated Races Agricultural mortals of any race
Symbols Eight-Pointed Sun

A pear cannot be harvest from a potato plant. That which is sown, so also is that same, reaped, in its own time.

History & Personality

One of the youngest gods, Eiosol is nonetheless extremely well-regarded by mortals who seek her favor over their crops and livestock. As the goddess of the harvest, she often related with mortals directly, long ago helping humans and industrious elves to learn the proper ways to work the land so as to create sustainable farms and fields.

Her affinity for mortality and investment in their survival also has much to do with her lineage, as she is the progeny of an immortal mother, but a mortal father, raised by Kotavasus to the level of a goddess for her commitment to life. Because of this, she is regarded as simply a minor god, and not one of the “true” Assembly.

This has sometimes brought her into minor conflict with her grandmother, Turelon, who would prefer that the plants of the world be left to grow freely without mortal intervention. These disputes have never turned particularly violent, however, often owing to the quick-thinking intercession of Eiosol’s mother, Bygghon, who has vested interest in both undisturbed nature, as well as the proper culling of plants by animals and wildlife.

Still, Eiosol is a pleasant and hopeful personality, and seeks to help others whenever possible, using her wisdom and experience to show the “right way” whenever possible.

When the smith god, Reilox, first laid eyes upon Eiosol, he fell instantly in love. Despite Eiosol’s initial reluctance to give her hand, Reilox’s persistence eventually won out after multiple requests over the centuries, and she finally accepted his two-hundredth proposal. At the smith-god’s insistence, Eiosol was raised by Kotavasus to become one of the lower gods so that she could be made immortal.

Though Eiosol is sometimes thought of as one of the “minor gods,” she has, at times, been compelled to utilize famine and drought as means to remind mortals of both her presence and importance, and small symbols to her honor are often found upon farmhouses, barns, and even placed upon poles throughout farming communities in Lusionia.


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