Eiosol's Trinket

Magic Item – Unique

This small, twelve-inch long metal rod is designed to be held in the hand, and is intricately engraved with multiple runes and symbols, with a prominant symbol of an eight-pointed star at the center..



Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Touch
Duration: Instantaneous

Energy surges through the trinket as the spirit of the victim is siphoned into the item. An afflicted target must make a DC 25 Constitution Save, or else their soul is ripped from their body, and consumed by the trinket, if the creature’s level is less than half of the wielder’s level. Creatures higher than half the wielder’s level are unaffected.

The defensive effect of this shield is currently unknown.

Sun Shield

Casting Time: Free action
Range: Self
Duration: Instantaneous

A bright orb of sunlight appears in a fifteen-foot radius around the trinket. This shield will sustain for a single round. However, if the wielder siphons a soul while Sun Shield is active, the spell will sustain for an additional round. Siphoning multiple souls during a turn does not increase the duration of a sun shield, nor do previous souls siphoned.


Very little is known of Eiosol’s Trinket, which is more commonly known in Northern Lusionia as simply “The Artifact.” Scholars only agree, however, that the item has very little to do with the sun goddess, and that the power within the Trinket is more likely linked to the Dusk Goddess, Wondial, and her penchant for necromantic power.

The Trinket was first seen by the members of the Whiteflame Guild attached to a mystical device in the depths of the Temple of Vindur. The necromancer, Bathsheba, pulled the item from its mooring before leaping into the swirling scarlet vortex.

Finding herself in a far-future, Bathsheba utilized the siphon to sustain herself, gaining prominence in the gladiator pits of the Thri-Kreen’s Red Desert.

After reuniting with her party, the elven wizard, Shyael Woodenhawk helped to explain some rumors about the trinket, which led to the discovery of a sun shield. This information proved useful later, in order to “reverse the sun” while facing off with a demon-infested thri-kreen creature who had been guarding the portal.

Upon exiting the portal, however, Bathsheba has found that the amulet does not seem to possess the same energy that it had during her use of the item in the future.

Eiosol's Trinket

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