Domains Travel, Thieves, Revelry and Trickery
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Other Names God of the Bards, Thane, Loki, The God of Mischief, Dionysus, The Thief God, The Great Adventurer, The God of Song
Associated Races Humans, Halflings, Shifters, as well as Bards and Thieves of any race
Symbol Boot and/or Lyre

Any tale worth telling involves a journey, adventure, and plenty of trouble, in no particular order.

History & Personality

The most impressive god of the pantheon, Jora has ever been honored by those who strive for adventure and excitement, and as the self-proclaimed “God of the Bards,” he often receives such honor through songs and epic poems of grand deeds, shining victories, and grand festivals.

As Vinder’s slightly younger twin brother, Jora has always had a talent for mischief, often getting into trouble, and usually causing even more, with a penchant for practical jokes, a taste for the finest wines, and a thirst for adventure and song.

Unlike many of the gods, Jora rather enjoys the company of mortals, and would often visit the grand festivals of history, usually in the guise of a bard himself, and has a remarkable talent for music himself.

He is quite often prayed to by those seeking for safety in their overland travels, which can sometimes seem paradoxical, as he is often prayed to by thieves for success in their plunders.


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