Domains Life and Conjuration
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Other Names The Goddess of Life, Ashanti, Damara, Hathor, Haumea, Freyja, Queen of the Gods
Associated Races Humans, Dwarves, and Halflings, but most especially, Elves and Gnomes
Symbols Heart, Dove, Olive Branch

True power is not measured by the size of ones strength, but by the purity of one’s soul.

History & Personality

Kotavasus is the great queen of the gods, equal to Vernd in every respect, and co-leader of the grand Assembly of Light.

Unlike her husband, however, Kotavasus prefers to look upon the strength of a person’s heart instead of their outward prowess, which allows the pair to govern with different, but equal authority. The queen of the gods seeks to help mortals in working and building in harmony with the world, and not simply to inflict their will upon it, which has helped her to identify with her aunt, Turelon, more so even than her own mother, Chagatai.

Kotavasus is responsible for the caretaking of a mortal’s soul, and in breathing life into those born and created in the world, and as such, her favor is sought during births, harvests, and she is often considered the goddess of fertility, worshiped fervently by mothers and midwives.

She also holds a special place in the worship of Elves and Gnomes, who regard her as one who places the soul in every living creature. In the view of these races, she is often placed in importance before even Vernd.


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