Domains Earth, Lava, Volcanoes and The Forge
Alignment Neutral Good
Other Names Vulcan, The Great Forge, The Smith God, Earth God
Associated Races Dwarves, and Smiths of every race
Symbols Anvil

The earth is rich, and filled with resource to be forged and shaped into those creations which we desire them to become.

History & Personality

The youngest brother of both Vernd and Aevilok, Reilox aligned with Vernd against his brother’s destruction, and forged the weapons used by the Assembly during the godwars. For his creativity and clever crafting, Vernd gave him domain over all the metals of the earth, and encouraged him to build whatever his heart desired.

Reilox found passion in-kind among the mortal dwarves, and taught them the ways to utilize stone, iron, and other metals to great effect, helping them to carve their own survival beneath the earth.

Long ago, Reilox fell in love with the half-mortal daughter of Bygghon, Eiosol, and asked for her hand repeatedly over the course of several centuries. On the two-hundredth request, Eiosol finally accepted, and at the smith-god’s insistence, was raised to become one of the lower gods so that she could be made immortal.

The Reilox Forge was lost many centuries ago, but it’s thought that with such a grand resource, powered by the core of the planet itself, miraculous weapons and creations could be made by a skilled smith.

Reilox is worshiped by every worker of “the steel,” and by most dwarves, in general.


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