Stone Cloud Perfume

This bottle is intricately carved from a solid piece of polished stone, with the carving of a cloud prominent on its front.


Currently unknown.


Stone Cloud is not often seen in Lusionia, as it is created and bottled in a land across the Western Sea. A popular scent among the very wealthy classes of Southern Kingdom nobility, this scent has not been duplicated in Lusionia, and as such, is often quite expensive.

It’s scent seem laden with tropical fruits and spices, mixed with an earthy aroma and a light electric finish.

Guin the Assassin purchased a bottle of this perfume from Tirime the Merchant in Teloth, and stealthily placed the bottle into the travel pack of Bathsheba the Necromancer. Bathsheba was not amused, but it is unknown if she kept the item.

Stone Cloud Perfume

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