Domains Fire, Thunder, Vengeance, Knowledge and War
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Other Names Mighty Flame, God of Thunder, Thor, Ares, The Warrior God, Warbringer
Associated Races Dwarves, Goliaths, Dragonborn, Humans, and most Barbarians of any race
Symbols Hammer, Flames

When the words of diplomacy fail to provide an accord, the might of war will suffice as a worthy substitute to form a solution.

History & Personality

The first son of Vernd, husband of Bygghon, and elder brother to Vinder and Jora, Strykerd is a hot-headed god of war, who seeks after battle and justice in any place he can find it. His love of warfare is great, but his heated tendencies have been tempered over the years by his deep yearnings for justice among the plights of mortals.

Unlike his wife, Strykerd loves the fields of war, not the forests of the hunt.

Strykerd is a grand rival of Aevilok, with whom he’s tangled for eons with righteous thunder and fire. Aevilok, for his part, often sees his nephew as little more than a nuisance, but has admitted that one day the God of Vengeance may defeat the God of Destruction in righteous combat.

Prior to the gods’ disappearance, Strykerd learned by watching over every battle that he could. While many warriors of mortality often call upon his name, Strykerd would take stock of a battle prior to its start, investigate the cause of each side before granting his strength to those whom he deemed more worthy. This was a drastic change from his previous methods of simply engaging into every battle at a whim, which often resulted in the destruction of many a righteous force.

Strykerd is a favorite god of mortal warriors, who seek his favor often before lifting their weapons.


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