Domains Destiny, Time, and Wisdom
Alignment True Neutral
Other Names Hemsut, The Queen of Time, Hutena, Postverta, The One of Eternal Wisdom, The Wise Mother, The Elder Queen
Associated Races Nearly every sentient race in the material plane
Symbol Two vertical, interlocked keys

An individual should make good use of its time, for quickly passes the time of a mortal. Yet still, a mortal that uses its time wisely can leave a mark upon creation as great as any god.

History & Personality

Tempo is sometimes called “The Queen of Time,” and is the eldest of the three Sisters of Life, and is venerated just as much, if not more, than her husband, Zaum, by both the mortals of the material plane, as well as by The Assembly of Light. Kotavasus and Vernd, in particular, often look to Tempo for wisdom in difficult matters, especially due to her straightforward tone and patient responses.

Truly ageless, Tempo teaches the concept of chosen destiny, contradicting Aevilok’s beliefs in strength-driven predetermination. She often sees the threads of destiny laid out before her for any one individual, watching the possibilities appear and disappear in an infinite stream of choices and consequences.

It is for this reason that she believes so strongly in patience, insisting that the Assembly not interfere with the goings-on of mortality except where absolutely necessary. Tempo trusts that, given the chance, all beings are capable of greatness, and given time, any can accept the call to their greatest destiny.


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