Tetradias Amulets


Each of these five amulets is a steel circle with the emblem of its corresponding district of Tetradias carved into its face. Each amulet has several shapes seemingly carved out of it, as if to be used as an unlocking mechanism.


Used to activate specific locks and mechanisms throughout the Tetradias Council Tower. Used to activate the Guardians of Tetradias.


Upon the foundation of Tetradias around 150 HKV, the Amulets of Tetradias were designed as items of last resort for the six rulers of the city. Each ruler was assigned a throne room which only he or she could open, as well as access to the Lantern Lift, and the ability to activate and utilize one of the great Guardians of Tetradias.

This was done, initially, to keep the six rulers in check, so that no one ruler could take full control over the city.

Over time, however, as political attitudes shifted and swayed among the people of Tetradias, the concept of separate rules was exchanged for a Council of Six, and though the initial purpose of the amulets was mostly lost, they were yet still passed down from one councilor to another as ceremony.

In 933 HKV, the members of the Whiteflame Guild entered Tetradias during the Vghotan invasion, and over the course of their adventures, acquired the Amulets, along with the Wondial Amulet, and utilized them to unlock the Guardians of Tetradias, which they used to defeat the invading goblin forces and decimate the Vghotan army.

The Tetradias Amulets were then returned to the remaining members of the Tetradias Council.

Tetradias Amulets

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