The Queda Staff of Rithonne

Magic Item – Uncommon

A black, polished quarterstaff, approximately six feet in length, with golden caps on either end, each with the symbol of a red rose engraved upon it. The staff is made of steel-plated silver oak, and weighs about 5 lbs. This special steel coating allows it to remain durable through even extreme use.


The Queda Staff of Rithonne (requires attunement)

When properly attuned, this staff acts as a powerful detector of magic, able to sense magic of any kind within a 30-foot radius. This includes magical traps, magical attacks, and magical items. The staff is unbreakable by non-magical means.

Attunement is achieved within two stages. The first is initial familiarity. The second is through repeated use. Once the staff has been used over the course of two weeks, the staff’s inner power becomes “unlocked” to the wielder, and acts as a constant magical ward as long as the staff is held.

The staff can also be used as an arcane focus, and gives advantage on any attempt to detect magic of any kind within its 30-foot radius.

Upon deeper attunement, the staff can freely cast a modified version of the Identify spell upon any item that enters its 30-foot radius.


Not much is known about this weapon before its discovery by Andromeda Djak in the Temple of Vindur in Thokk during the Great Storm War. The sorceror carried the staff for several months, using it at times in both in defense of herself, and in detecting magical properties in the area around her.

She used the staff for the final time during the defense of ancient Tetradias, as she sacrificed herself to neutralize the curse that the demon Scarlet had placed upon the nation, destroying one of the six Northern giants in the process.

At that point, the staff disappeared for several years, presumably buried beneath the icy rubble of the Tetradian compound where she was killed. At first, no one dared to disturb the resting place of the one who had finally removed the ancient curse, allowing the native Tetradians to grow as a people and expand their borders.

In 890 HKV, the weapon re-appeared, offered to the demigod Aker in a trade agreement. Aker used the staff several times throughout the years to discern the magical properties of certain objects, and he was never fooled. When not in use, he kept the weapon locked away in his private collection of mystical artifacts, under the watchful eye of his personal guard.

During the Ascent Revolution, the armory was invaded by Resistance forces, and many items were stolen. The private collection, however, was barricaded and protected by Aker’s personal guard. Only after the war had ended did they finally emerge.

Through unknown means, the staff was offered as a prize to the winner of “The Blade” during the Festival of the Sand (933 HKV), and was claimed by Vorlos Direfist. Finding little use for such an item, it was traded at the Moonbeam Magic Shop that stood within the edge of Cliffwalk, in exchange for a magic sword.

The Queda Staff of Rithonne

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