The Sabertooth Blade

The Sabertooth Blade, Tiger’s Claw


While stories speak of this blade being used in many wars by the Barbarian King, Ohas Direfist, the abilities of the blade are often speculated, but not exactly known.


A powerful blade, the Sabertooth has been passed down by every leader of the Sabertooth Clan to the leader’s oldest child. This child has then led the clan, by tradition, into the next generation, wielding the blade with power and fervor.

After his honorable death, it was revealed that Ohas Direfist had had a child prior to his son, Vorlos, who had the right to the blade – that of a female half-elf child born to the elven wizard, Shyael Woodenhawk.

Determined to find his sister, Vorlos strapped the Sabertooth onto his back, and set out to find her. After numerous adventures, Vorlos found his half-sister, Keyleth, who he was surprised to find knew of him, but yet did not want nor care about the Sabertooth Blade, leaving Vorlos understandably stymied.

The Sabertooth Blade

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