Domains Strength, Knowledge, Wisdom, Protection
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Other Names The Great One, Odin, Great Wisdom, Holder of Knowledge, Ruler of the Gods
Associated Races Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, Gnomes, Goliaths, and most Barbarians of any race
Symbols Watching Blue Eye, Raven

The world is governed by proper use of protection, wisdom, knowledge, and strength, in equal measure. This balance must be maintained for order to flourish and mortality to grow.

History & Personality

Often called the King of the Gods, Vernd is looked up to by many of the gods, who view his wisdom and knowledge as greater than any in existence, and his strength as greater than even his hot-headed son, Strykerd.

As the leader of the Assembly of Light, Vernd seeks to temper mortal anger with knowledge and wisdom, but understands the necessity of applied strength in carving out their existence in the world. In the grand beginning, Vernd was much more familiar to the mortal races, holding a special affinity for both Dwarves, Humans, and Goliaths, who respected the god’s feats of strength and prowess.

Prior to the gods’ disappearance, Vernd assisted the Dwarves with understanding their great talents with the stone, and in assisting builders of every kind in studying their crafts.

Vernd is worshiped more often than nearly every god in the Assembly, but true worshipers of the King of the Gods are more often found among dwarves, smiths, masons, engineers, and barbarians.


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