Domains Air, Winds, Sand, Time, Wisdom, and Illusions
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Other Names Dribrow, Windwalker, The Mighty Gust, Sovereign of Glass, The Grand Illusionist
Associated Races Elves, Humans, Changelings, Halflings
Symbol Whirlwind, Windmill

It is through the lens of time that actions manifest their consequence, but the ever-shifting sands blur our memories until there is but a mirage of our former selves.

History & Personality

One of the twin gods, Vinder has domain over the winds and sands, utilizing them to create magical mirages when he feels the urge. Like his brother, Jora, he has an affinity for mortals and their actions interest him, but unlike his brother, he prefers to teach and improve the lives of mortals instead of using them for his own amusement.

Prior to the gods’ disappearance, Vinder was instrumental in helping early mortals of Lusionia to harness the capabilities of wind for mills and sails, as well as in the discovery of mortals for glass.

Vinder is most often worshiped by the dwellers of the deserts, and sometimes by those seeking for a favorable wind in sea travel. As well, practitioners of the Illusion school of magic often carry tokens or symbols representing this god.


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