Domains Charms, Enchantment and Suffering
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Other Names Mistress of Allure, The Holy Temptress, Siren of the Sky, The Puppetmaster, The Goddess of Lies
Associated Races Any race, though usually those who rely on temptation, seduction, and manipulation. A favored god of assassins and thieves, while also preferred in secret, by economic trade groups and nobility.
Symbols Hooded Cobra, Forked Tongue

The weak of mind are destined to be controlled by those whose tongues are silver, and whose eyes hide their true motives beneath an innocent guise.

History & Personality

Vinga, the youngest daughter of Chagatai, is a master of manipulation and planning, even amongst the gods. Though often seen as the weakest member of the pantheon by many, her cunning and ability to twist others to her own advantage is unrivaled, as she plays with mortals and gods alike in equal measure for her own means and power, even as others so often underestimate her.

Her professed love of Strykerd is well known, as is the loyalty of Myrutto to her side, despite the latter’s brutish nature. It is often rumored that the very reason for the Gods of Dusk having fallen from the Assembly of Light was due to Vinga’s machinations, as she orchestrated the rifts between Aevilok and Vernd. Even now, with the gods having mostly disappeared, it is assumed that Vinga’s hand has secretly guided the path to their current silence.

While many mortals wear the snake-like symbols of Vinga in decoration, or as simply symbols of allure, there are relatively few who investigate and take advantage of the dark arts to actively manipulate others into a mental grip.

Even so, the powers of Vinga are strong and strange to those so learned, and even the subtle manipulation of the powerful can cause disaster for those whom the Goddess of Lies has chosen for her wrath.


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