Magic Item – Uncommon, Dwarven-Made

This fist-sized rock looks to be made of some type of hardened crystal, but has a bluish glow within it, which seems to pulse slightly.



Range: Self (20-foot radius)
Duration: Instantaneous

Upon contact with any lightning energy, the Vol-Stone explodes, causing 10d10 force and fire damage to anyone within a 20-foot radius of the stone. Any flammable object within the blast, worn or otherwise, instantly bursts into flame.


When Dwarven smiths anciently began to mine through the Nhalam Mountains, they needed a method of carving through solid rock more quickly than traditional pickaxes. After some alchemical tinkering, the Melkuldor smith Runad developed the original Volatile Stone, designed to create a magical combustion.

With the sensitive nature of the creation, despite its explosive power and effectiveness, multiple mining crews were lost die to premature detonation as the Volatile Stone was put into use, especially because Nhalam mining is notoriously unpredictable.

Owing to his brother’s death deep in the dwarven mines, a recluse dwarven wizard living near the city of Nhalam, named Nassec, developed an improved version of the Volatile Stone. This improved “Vol-Stone” could only be activated by an electrical charges – rather uncommon deep in the Nhalams.

All that remained was an activation mechanism, necessary because electrical magic was rare among the dwarves. Nassec developed a small rod with a weak rune imprint, which could be readily reproduced even by those without magical attunement.

He then began to sell these runes, and the new Vol-Stones, to the dwarven mining community, and developed a very profitable business from the manufacture of Lightning Rods and Vol-Stones, which was passed down through his family for generations. The Nassec Mining Corproration is named after the original founder.


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