Domains Forbidden Knowledge, Necromancy
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Other Names Wielder of Time, The Ageless One, Master of the Forbidden Eye
Associated Races Any race, but chiefly by Tieflings, Drow, as well as Humans and Elves who are drawn to the dark arts and forbidden knowledge. Most particularly, Wondial is worshiped by the Cult of Nahkrim.
Symbols Vertical Infinity Symbol With an Eye in the Center

Only mortals track the passing of time – For the gods, time is meaningless, and is easily manipulated to fit the means for which those in power see fit to employ.

History & Personality

Rival to Tempo, the Goddess of Time, Wondial holds no particular love for mortals, but is fascinated by those who seek and strive for power and control, especially among those sources which they do not fully understand. As such, she is drawn to dark wizards, powerful sorcerers, and creatures of mystical capability.

By legend, Wondial’s power is drawn from her theft of the Eye of Chagatai, stolen and utilized to pervert the Eternal Path, drawing souls from their fallen journey back into the mortal realm in a twisted, undead state. By this action, she began the events which caused the fall of the Gods of the Dusk, casting them from the Assembly of Light.

Her works and powers are often seen as perversion by the Assembly of Light, who view her existence as little more than a thorn in their side. However, she is protected by her husband, Aevilok, who also respects power, but only from those who seek to gather power through destruction in order to prolong their fate.

In tandem, these two lead the Gods of the Dusk, and are often invoked together.

Prior to the gods’ disappearance, Wondial was the goddess of forbidden knowledge, which included the utilization of bringing others back from the dead.

Wondial is worshiped and called by those who seek for dark powers and capabilities, especially those who seek to pervert the ways of life and death for their own means. The Nahkrim often carry her symbols on their person.

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