Wondial Amulet

Magic Item, Unique

This amulet, approximately five inches in diameter, is emblazoned with the symbol of the goddess Wondial, but yet remains relatively inconspicuous among the other Amulets of Tetradias.


Wondial Amulet or The Image of Wondial

Casting Time: 1 Bonus Action
Range: Self
Duration: Instantaneous

When the user turns the small dial in the middle of the amulet (the pupil) clockwise, the wielder effectively “freezes” in place as the world moves around them, with time slipping past at the rate of one day in a single minute. This speed is accompanied by an This “speed” is accompanied by an exhausting and even harmful level of heat, which will result in constant 2 fire damage per round within the state, or 12 fire damage per minute/day.

Using this in combat effectively “freezes” the user for at least three rounds (unless the wielder decides to stay in this state) – which is the fastest that the user can turn the dial back. As well, the user is completely vulnerable, and physical damage inflicted to the user is doubled.

Each use will also require a Wisdom save of 15, which, if failed, will result in the loss of an ability point from the user’s Constitution stat.

Turning the dial counterclockwise slows down time around the wielder, which effectively “speeds up” the user as viewed by those around him/her, which “freezing” all action around them as time is slowed by their perception to an entire day within a minute.

This “slow” is accompanied by a frigid and harmful amount of cold resulting in persistent 2 cold damage per round, or 12 cold damage per minute.

Using this in combat will “speed up” the user for one round, allowing them to make three full turns in one round, along with accompanying actions and movement. All damage from physical attacks is doubled.

Each use will also require a Wisdom save of 15 which, if failed, results in the permanent loss of one ability point from the user’s constitution stat.


Known of chiefly by necromancers and those who practice the darkest of magics, the Wondial Amulet is emblazoned with the symbol of the time goddess upon its face, and is about the size of a human palm, made of an unidentifiable metal.

Though many have claimed to have used and studied the amulet, not many even know what the amulet is for, nor what it does.

Lost to history, the Amulet was once known as the Emblem of Vindur, and was once a noble item, before it was imprinted magically with Wondial’s symbol. This allowed massive projects and structures to be completed within a fraction of the time they would normally take, as well as speeding the production of crops and harvests.

One of the past councilors of Cliffwalk, Rahiti, met with a sorcerer of unknown origin who helped him to imprint a new symbol upon the initial amulet, allowing it to be used to unlock the same doors and mechanisms as the original Cliffwalk Amulet, but also enhancing it with the abilities of Wondial.

This act created The Pit of Cliffwalk – And changed the Emblem of Vindur forever into a twisted version of the Image of Wondial.

Wondial Amulet

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