Domains Stars, Heavens, Inspiration and Thought
Alignment Neutral Good
Other Names Thoth, Starfather, Prometheus, Aestraus, The Inspirer, The Old Father
Associated Races Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, Gnomes, but especially Aarakocra, Wizards, and Bards
Symbols The Morning Star

All inspiration is derived from the heavens, and all heavens are, in turn, products of pure inspiration.

History & Personality

As the oldest known god of Lusionia, Zaum is venerated by nearly every culture in the material plane, though he is not often considered as one of the “active” gods of The Assembly of Light. Zaum is a god of thought and inspiration, and often acts as council for Vernd and Kotavasus and the rest of the Assembly.

Enjoying solutions to complex problems and answers to the most difficult situations, he can sometimes prove to be a frustrating individual to speak with, offering advice and thoughts in the form of metaphors and puzzles. This is often appreciated by his wife, Tempo, whose belief in patience is sometimes tested by the intricate cleverness of the god of thought.

Zaum’s wit and wisdom is well-appreciated, however, by seekers of inspiration, especially wizards and bards, as well as his grandson, the trickster god Jora, who often proposes puzzles to his grandfather in an attempt to stump him.

Mortals seeking for answers will, at times, call upon Zaum to grant them an answer, but much like the finicky nature of inspiration itself, the god of thought more often will provide them their solutions in the strangest ways, or when they least expect to find it.


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